An Exotic Shorthair that can’t eat and breathe at the same time

Dimples is another disastrous Exotic Shorthair cat with an extremely flat face which affects the way they eat and breathe

The cat’s name is Dimples. He was bred in Australia. It is claimed that he can’t eat and breathe at the same time which I can understand. This is a brachycephalic-headed cat breed with an extremely flat face which distorts the nasal passages which negatively impacts breathing. And also, because their muzzle has disappeared …

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UK cat fancy out of touch with the reality of the Exotic Shorthair’s lack of health

Exotic Shorthairs are cats that are not as healthy as they should be and adopters of this breed need to be aware of this as it affects the cost and quality of caregiving

Today, in The Times, there is a photograph of Rupert, an Exotic Shorthair purebred cat who has been named by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCC F) as the Best Household Pet at a Leicester cat show; Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Rupert is a ginger tabby cat. He has beautiful copper eyes and …

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Flat-faced Persian cat can’t eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Flat-faced Persian cat can't eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Well, this video is about people who are scared of cats or who don’t like them. They find out over the course of a week that cats can be charming and great companions. All of them were won over. BUT for me the interesting episode in the video is the flat-faced Persian eating from …

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Brilliant copper eyes of tabby Exotic Shorthair

Tabby Exotic Shorthair with brilliant copper eyes

I was looking for ‘strange cats’ on Pinterest and came across this tabby Exotic Shorthair with the most extraordinary copper-coloured eyes. If this was not a video I would have decided that this was an example of photo-editing because the colour is hardly believable. These bright copper eyes can only be the creation of …

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Pictures of cats: A chubby-cheeked bicolor Exotic Shorthair cat

Picture of a chubby-cheeked bicolor Exotic Shorthair cat

This is a very interesting looking Exotic Shorthair cat. The standout feature other than the classic flat-face is the extraordinarily large chubby cheeks. They remind me of the cheeks of Russian bred British Shorthair cats. Why are the cheeks of this cat so large and rounded? We have to read the breed standard to …

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Picture of Ikiru – Exotic Shorthair cat celebrity

Ikiru - Exotic Shorthair celebrity on Instagram because his tongue sticks out

The coronavirus lockdown has improved the celebrity status of Ikiru, an Exotic Shorthair pointed cat with a sticky-out tongue and a very flat face. He has a good following on Instagram. Sadly, nearly all the Exotic Shorthair celebrity cats have something wrong with their anatomy due to breeding which makes them look interesting or …

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Exotic Shorthair looking like Bagpuss might be up for adoption after being discarded

Bagpuss cat Exotic SH up for adoption

This is a 12-year-old tabby Exotic Shorthair (shorthaired version of the Persian) who might be up for adoption at RSPCA Putney, UK. She has a nice personality. Her name is Matilda. It appears that she was dumped in a bin in Croydon. Another thrown away cat. It is almost endemic. She was found by …

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