Cat breeders can turn the most handsome breeds into gargoyles

Gargoyle-like Persian cat

I have just written an article about a hefty Maine Coon who was bred to extreme with a hint of gargoyle by their creator. Not God but a Maine Coon breeder. I’ve mentioned God because gargoyles are attached to the outside of large and imposing cathedrals to ward off evil spirits and make the …

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4 cat breeds celebrity vet would not buy and reasons

Ben and a Bengal cat

Ben Simpson-Vernon (Ben the Vet) has some strong but well considered views on what purebred cats he would avoid if he was considering adopting a purebred. He’s keen to point out that he would have a different opinion if he were adopting a rescue cat who happened to be purebred. Whereas he would not …

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Contradictory CFA Persian breed standard still demands an unhealthy cat

Punch face Persian

Some time ago the CFA Persian breed standard described this breed as having a “pansy-like” face. I don’t see it in the breed standard today but it was a phrase that contributed to an unhealthy cat. Today, the breed standard still demands that breeders create an unhealthy cat against the CFA’s own ethics and …

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Picture of Flat-Faced Tortie Smoke Persian Female Cat

Helmi Flick's photo at her home studio of SC Surreal's Trick or Treat "Fruit Loops", an 8 month old Tortie Smoke Persian Female from Leesa and Mike Altschul! The picture is protected by copyright please note.

This is a classic Helmi Flick studio photograph of SC Surreal’s Trick of Treat ‘Fruit Loops’. She was 8-months-of-age at the time of the photograph. She was bred by Leesa and Mike Altschul. Apparently she behaved well in the studio (‘Gold Star Kitty’) which is at the home of Helmi and Ken Flick. I …

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The cat breeder should be ashamed of creating this monstrosity

Monstrous Persian cat

I realise that I am hammering away at the same old problem but we have to because change is needed and it’s not happening. I feel sorry for the cat of course. The coat is far too long for the cat to maintain. It requires human intervention regularly. The coat on this particular modern …

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Maine Coon cats more expensive to insure than Bengal cats

Calico Maine Coon

A Which? survey found that in the UK, health insurance for Maine Coon cats costs £114 and for Bengal cats the cost is £105 annually. There is then a big reduction for random bred cats of all types at around £85. The health insurance for the British Shorthair costs the same as for random …

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