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Feline allorubbing

Why do cats rub their faces on you?

Cats rub their faces on their human guardians to improve the bond between them. Scent glands On each side of a domestic cat’s face there are four glands. These glands are the temporal gland,...

Do cats understand human emotions?

Why do cats follow you?

In general domestic cats follow their owner for the same reason they follow each other: friendship. People ask why their cat follows them to the bathroom, toilet or when they go outside. This is...

Cats jump in sync

Cats are so together they jump in sync

You have to get the distinct impression that this couple of cats are very close emotionally. I have a sense that they are brothers but the person who uploaded the video does not tells...

Cat friends

What are the signs of feline friendship?

What are the signs of feline friendship? The signs of feline friendship should be quite obvious but they are worth specifying as you might be unsure. They are listed below: They spend time together...

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