He claims he spent $500k on a baby tiger

I spent $500,000 on a baby tiger today and we are not the same

Gavin Mayo on Twitter said: “I spent $500k on a baby tiger today. We are not the same”. Here is the video accompanying those words. So, what do you think? Stupid show off unconcerned or too ignorant to realise that his very expensive tiger cub came from somewhere. What about the tigress-to-cub bond? That’s …

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Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned

Lion and tiger cubs are best buddies

‘Tigers for sale’ is a phrase that I do not want to read when it concerns private sales from unscrupulous traders selling to naive customers. This page is not about inter-zoo sales which are bad enough. Humankind should not be trading tigers online. It should be entirely banned across the globe. Sadly, that is …

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Time To Regulate the Unregulated Big Cats of America

About 3-4 years ago I suggested a new federal statute that I called: Laws on Big Cats (rather crude title). My suggestions are almost mirrored in the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, which is yet to be enacted. It is a bill. Big Cat Rescue and International Fund for Animal Welfare, together …

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Tigers as Pets: The Pinnacle of Self-indulgence

There are many declawed and even detoothed tigers as pets. People like to think they are sort of overgrown tabby cats. They just have to have one, in the same way they have to have a new and larger car or the biggest fridge. Of course a 400 pound tiger eats 5,000 pounds of …

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