A vegetarian cat? No. But manufactured vegetarian cat food containing all the necessary nutrients. Yes.

Vegetarian cat food

This page is in two parts. The first part was written about 13 years ago. The second part was written recently and is an updating section. The page has been checked, refreshed and republished as at January 13, 2022. This is necessary because everything changes. Certainly, the market in cat foods and particularly vegan …

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We Are Eating Violence Towards Animals. Veganism On The Increase

Animal rights and slavery

Here is a video by Dr Will Tuttle about the relationship of humans towards animals. It naturally overlaps with veganism. He says that most of our abusive relationship with animals originates in our use of animals as food. Also below I reproduce a comment by Myriam. She commented on the web page about the …

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Feeding Cats a Vegetarian Diet: A Recipe for good Feline Health?

When it comes to feline dietary requirements, cats are obligate (strict) carnivores, and require meat protein in their food in order to maintain tip-top robust health. Thanks to the internet most of us are aware of this by now. Unfortunately however, there are a few pet food manufactures that are producing vegetarian diets who …

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Feed Your Cats a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Advised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Cat inside a fridge

Since felines are obligate carnivores; to keep our domestic kitties in the best of health and condition, it’s essential to feed them a species-appropriate diet; one in which meat is the main ingredient. Unfortunately however for cats, the majority of popular cat food manufacturers continue to advertise ad-nauseum the benefits of dry cat food, …

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Are Brits Heading Towards Vegetarianism?

A recent news story indicates that the British have become more intolerant to the sight of meat for sale, which further indicates that there is a gentle shift towards vegetarianism and a greater sensitivity towards animals. Or are Brits simply becoming more intolerant of the real world and want to live in a sanitized, …

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