Does YouTube allow videos of animal cruelty?

YouTube don't always remove clear examples of reported animal abuse videos

YES, in practice YouTube allows videos of animal cruelty despite their own policies (as stated by Google online) quite correctly forbidding them. The policy on animal abuse is set out below. The disturbing aspect of this fact is that YouTube allows videos of animal abuse even when the videos are reported by users. It …

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Cat interrupts Dean of Canterbury’s virtual service at the Cathedral

Dean of Canterbury with his cat Tiger

This is another example of how a domestic cat can actually improve a person’s presentation on either television or in this case on video. The Dean of Canterbury, Dr Robert Willis, was leading a virtual service at Canterbury Cathedral when his tabby cat, Tiger, decided to join in and use his paw to extricate …

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The cat video is more interesting than the Syrian war

Cats can be the innocent victims of human folly as is shown in this video about the Syrian war. This is a great video. A calico cat, probably a community cat, is featured in the video at 7:24 minutes and 12:50 minutes into the video. You can drag the timeline bar to those times and …

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Police Shoot Companion Animal For No Reason

Actually there was a reason: there was an ongoing feud between the dog’s owner and the local police because he has made complaints against the police.

I can’t watch the video and haven’t watched it but it needs to be spread around because I think this behavior is an example of how society is becoming more stressed. That stress is affecting how people behave including the police.

The police are becoming too defensive and they are overreacting. It is isn’t just in America. In Britain it is probably worse. You can’t demonstrate in Britain anymore. The police just corral you (called “kettling”) and then arrest you for nothing.

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