Savoury umami taste of tuna is why cats love it

Cat enjoys canned tuna because of the umami taste

Domestic cats have the required ‘umami’ taste receptors on their tongues to respond well to an enzyme called inosine monophosphate and an amino acid called free L-Histidine which combine to produce a strong umami taste. Cats enjoy these taste receptors thanks to the inheritance of Tas1r1-Tas1r3 genes. The umami taste is described as the …

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Flat-headed cat (2022)

Flat-headed cat

The flat-headed cat’s scientific name is Prionailurus planiceps, which is based on genetic testing. There are no subspecies. It is related to the Asian leopard cat. However, it is said to resemble a mustelid1 as it has short legs and tail and very small ears on a long head. I think this is a …

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What causes thiamin deficiency in cats?

Ventroflexion in a cat which can be caused by thiamin deficiency

The cause of thiamin (or thiamine) deficiency in cats is a lack of sufficient quantities of thiamin in a domestic cat’s diet. Why is there a lack of thiamin? That’s the real question. Thiamin is labile “Labile” means liable to change; easily altered. In other words, although thiamin is present in both animal and …

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Cute video of kitten wrestling with large fish

The short video shows the amazing desire in domestic cats to capture prey. It is utterly instinctive even if impractical! There is no chance he’ll succeed but that does not stop him trying and trying. Great attitude. I love the video which is a converted animated GIF. Please search using the search box at …

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