Footballer regularly kisses multiple dogs on the mouth with plenty of tongue. Safe?

Kissing a dog with plenty of tongue risks transference of a zoonotic disease both ways

Arsenal (UK Premier League team) footballer star Nuno Tavares has multiple dogs. I don’t know how many but he has uploaded videos to social media of him kissing two of his dogs “with plenty of tongue” as reported by the Daily Star. It looks as though he is kissing them passionately on the lips …

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You might not like your cat’s loving licks

Cat licking human hand in an act of affection is nice but some people might dislike it.

Domestic cats often instinctively lick their human caregiver on the hand and sometimes the face. It is called allogrooming. It is a friendly behavior that we see between cat buddies and as cats see us as buddies because we care for them, they lick us too. There are some other reasons why cats lick …

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The distribution of Fel D1, the cat allergen (antigen) on and in a cat’s hair and skin

Studies analysed the distribution of the Fel D1 antigen produced by the domestic cat which is deposited on the cat's skin and on their fur and is inside the skin and fur as well. Most of it comes from the sebaceous glands.

A lot has been written and published on the Internet about the allergen produced by the cat, Fel D1, which causes an allergic reaction in between 10% and 20% of people. Technically, an allergen is an antigen. Historically, people generally believed that the Fel D1 allergen is in a domestic cat’s saliva. But it …

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Is cat dander bad for babies?

Cats and babies in harmony together

Is cat dander bad for babies? My answer based on careful research is that it is probably or possibly good for babies. However, we are currently (2022) unsure. Please read on. It is helpful to ask: “What is cat dander?” Cat dander describes very small particles about five microns (µm) in diameter. It becomes …

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14 benefits to cats through the use of their tongue

Cat tongue

The feline tongue is a wonderous element of their anatomy. It can achieve a lot, thanks in part to the backward facing papillae made of keratin attached to the upper surface. These spines do a lot. Here is a list of 13 benefits to the cat when using their tongue. RELATED: 2 different types …

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Cat drooling – full exposition

Dribbling drooling cat

This page has been checked, refreshed, added-to and republished as at January 15, 2022. It was first published about 13 years earlier. The technical term for a cat drooling is hypersalivation. There is too much saliva. Healthy dogs drool. Healthy cats don’t drool although they might on occasion drool with delight! Here are some …

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Orthodox Hindus hate the domestic cat habit of constantly licking themselves

Cat in Hinduism

Katherine M. Rogers in her book “Cat” informs me that the domestic cat’s habit of constantly licking themselves “is repellent to orthodox Hindus, who consider saliva unclean”. Westerners like the fact that domestic cats keep themselves clean. They smell nice, sort of nutty. Westerners like to bury their head into their cat’s fur or …

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