Lion and tiger can regard humans as dominant which is why staring into their eyes can stop an attack

Dominant stare to prevent a tiger or lion attack

Lion and tigers, the two biggest cats have the ability to regard humans as dominant if humans stare into their eyes when under attack by either. If a human stares like this is signals dominance and the cat is taken in by it as it seems they have the ability to perceive us as …

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What does a cat signal with their eyes?

Picture of Scottish Fold cat with wide open eyes

A domestic cat companion’s eyes are expressive. There are probably five basic eye configurations: Wide-open pupil i.e. a dilated pupil with wide-open eyes Narrowed eyes with a narrow slit of a pupil Half-closed eyes with the pupil in a relaxed mid-range position Closed eyes Stare Background The pupil is the aperture of the eye …

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Cat stares at fridge, what his owner found shocked him

North American corn snake the cat heared and smelled in Germany

Kleve, Germany near the Dutch border: The local firefighting service reported on Facebook that a man’s cat discovered an orange snake behind the fridge. He called the local firefighters for assistance and they took the snake to a veterinarian. Pictures The pictures are by the Kleve fire department. They are thumbnails. You can click …

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