Kids and cats – house rules – infographic

Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

A light reminder in an infographic that kids often like to have a kitten and when their wish is granted it is probably a good idea that there are house rules on living with the new family member. As I see it, the key is to ensure that the kids take responsibility for the cat’s welfare as this is a great learning experience. And it is good for their mental wellbeing. I think kids should learn about cat behaviour and their needs including dietary. It’s all good for the children including – the experts say – to help desensitize kids to allergens when they grow up.

RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals
RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals. Image: MikeB from picture in the public domain.

Cats strike back against tiresome, disrespectful toddlers!

Cats fight back against babies

It had to come. Cats can take so much disrespect and mishandling. They’ve reached breaking point. Enough is enough. Bam. Splat. Take that! Pesky little kids. Leave me in peace. These are the possible thoughts of the cats in the video. That said, there are many great relationships between cats and toddlers. And I …

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Infographic on ‘Compatibility of Cats with Children in the Family’

Child and ginger tabby cat

As the Infographic is based upon a scientific study, it has, on the face of it, validity. Nonetheless, I would like to add some thoughts of my own. Firstly, they assessed the interactions of children between the ages of 3-12 years of age. And there were 665 participants. And as you can see, they …

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Study says that cats and dogs do not benefit the health of children in the home

Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

This is a surprising result but I am referring to one study and it goes without saying that we should be cautious about jumping to firm conclusions from one scientific study. That said, a study published on the Taylor & Francis Online website, dated 03 Aug 2017 and titled: “A propensity-score-weighted population-based study of …

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About Cats For Four Year Old Children

Introduction to Mums and Dads Children are the future. The future should be better than the present. We owe an obligation to the domestic cat to make sure that things improve for the cat in the future. In households where there are domestic cats, parents have an obligation to educate their children about how …

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