Why should I avoid adopting a traumatized cat?

You shouldn’t avoid adopting a traumatised cat and the question in the title begs many more questions such as: Those are just some of the questions I would ask. There will be more. Sometimes shelter cats can be labelled traumatised not because they are traumatised but because they are currently living in a shelter …

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What can I do about my cat’s flatulence?

Feline Flatulence

The crude word for flatulence is “farting”. I guess you know that. But these articles are written for an international market. The website is seen in 86% of the world’s countries. I have to make sure that people all over the globe understand what I am saying. Technically it is referred to as ‘flatus’ …

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Cats strike back against tiresome, disrespectful toddlers!

Cats fight back against babies

It had to come. Cats can take so much disrespect and mishandling. They’ve reached breaking point. Enough is enough. Bam. Splat. Take that! Pesky little kids. Leave me in peace. These are the possible thoughts of the cats in the video. That said, there are many great relationships between cats and toddlers. And I …

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When it is time to admit failure and rehome your cat

Old male cat screams all the time when living in a one-bedroom apartment and the female owner is at the end of her tether

There is a woman on the mumsnet.com website who is completely at the end of her tether. She hates the cat that she adopted. She had waited all her life to adopt a cat of her own. When she finally bought her own one-bedroomed flat on the second floo she adopted an older male …

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42,000 people asked the Dogs Trust to rehome their pets (UK 2022)

Dogs Trust rescue dog

NEWS AND COMMENT: Apparently, British owners can no longer feed their dogs because they are giving them up to shelters at a record rate. According to research for the ITV programme Tonight, as reported in The Times newspaper, about 42,000 people asked the Dogs Trust to rehome their pets this year as they can …

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Why do people abandon their cats in the USA?

Barney a relinquished cat

To answer the question in the title I am going to rely on a very substantial survey from the United States conducted in the late 1990s from the Regional Shelter Relinquishment Survey Study. It was a team effort between the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy and researchers at four American veterinary …

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Cat hoarding up and feral cat numbers up USA

Cat hoarding cat in cage with no water or food

I am going to combine two news items in this post. One comes from PETA and the other from news media. PETA states that animal shelters are turning their backs on cats which is leading to more cases of cat hoarding. They say that shelters are turning away cats because they are under pressure …

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Information about people giving up their shelter-adopted cats

Cat ready for adoption

It goes without saying that not all adoptions of cats from animal and cat shelters results in a long-term relationship. At the heart of the failures is the lack of a solid emotional attachment between person and cat. And behind that it may be fair to say that there is a need to educate …

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