Kids and cats – house rules – infographic

Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

A light reminder in an infographic that kids often like to have a kitten and when their wish is granted it is probably a good idea that there are house rules on living with the new family member. As I see it, the key is to ensure that the kids take responsibility for the cat’s welfare as this is a great learning experience. And it is good for their mental wellbeing. I think kids should learn about cat behaviour and their needs including dietary. It’s all good for the children including – the experts say – to help desensitize kids to allergens when they grow up.

RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals
RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals. Image: MikeB from picture in the public domain.

Some notes on the child-domestic cat relationship

Which gender of domestic cat is better with kids?

An interesting study published in 2018 titled Compatibility of Cats with Children in the Family and published on Frontiers in Veterinary Science helps us understand the child-cat relationship. It is an important relationship because it can affect how a child relates to cats and going forward how they relate to domestic cats when they …

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Cat snuggles up to baby: beautiful and mutually beneficial (supported by science)

Cat snuggles with baby. Beautiful and beneficial

There is a TikTok video on the Internet of a beautiful cat snuggling up to his baby companion. The cat clearly loves this baby. He loves the smell and the contact. The cat is Teddy and the baby is William. It is the kind of video which attracts a lot of attention and this …

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Cats help families of children with autism

Child and mother with cat

This article is about a discussion on the benefits of domestic cats to autistic children and to the families of those children. The first point to make is that a study (764 participants) published on 4 March 2020 in the online journal Springer Link, tells us that parents with lower incomes perceived benefits in …

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Ultimate video of child sleeping with cats (with pictures)

Ultimate picture of child sleeping with cats

This is a video that has gone viral for obvious reasons. It is very cute. I like to see cats sleeping with children as there is a lot of good in it despite the old wives’ tales about cats sucking the breath from children (a dangerous myth still believed by some). A child’s immune …

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Toddler and family cat say goodnight to each other naturally

Looking at the video you can’t deny that these two, an 18 month old toddler and his friend the family cat get on so well and naturally. The video was captured by the security camera in the family’s home in Pickerington, Ohio. The tuxedo cat meows at the boy in greeting and the boy …

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