How do domestic cats respond to music?

Domestic cat enjoying music. Or are they?!

Cats and music—a curious combination! Let’s explore how our feline friends groove (or perhaps purr) to the tunes. 🎵 In summary, cats do have musical preferences, and understanding their reactions can help us create harmonious melodies for our feline companions. 🐾🎶 For further exploration, you can check out the scholarly articles: Remember, whether it’s …

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Animal sentience paves the way for dog and cat support payments on divorce

Under Spanish law, dogs and cats are sentient beings and therefore a court can make an order for the caregiving of a dog in divorce proceedings when the animal goes to live with either party

When the animal welfare laws of any country state that companion animals are sentient beings, it is a great leap forward in animal rights which is clearly apparent in a recent divorce case from Spain where the reform of the Animal Welfare Act in 2021 ensured that animals are regarded as sentient beings and …

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2 reasons why it hurts more when your cat dies compared to a close relative


There are 2 reasons why it is not uncommon for cat owners to feel more distress and emotional hurt when their cat passes over the rainbow bridge than when relatives die including parents or a husband or wife. This is not a universal formula but I think it will be true on many occasions. …

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Are cats better in pairs?

Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace

Yes, is the positive answer to the question in the title but there’s a big caveat which is this: they’ve got to get along, which is obvious but crucial. But I’ve got a common-sense idea for the best way to ensure that a pair of cats get along. You might know that when you …

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Can domestic cats try and deceive each other?

Can and do domestic cats deceive each other?

Before answering the question, we have to define the word ‘deceive’. Definition: to deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain. I have never seen any cat behaviourists try to work out if domestic cats try to deceive each other. The activity of deception as carried out by …

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