Indonesia – cat superstition

Indonesia cat superstition

This is a continuation of cat superstitions around the world. I am pleasantly surprised to discover only one cat superstition in Indonesia although they have many. It is labelled as “Pamali” according to a contributor to the website. Pamali is also an Indonesian folklore horror game! And this helpful Indonesian woman lists many …

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Salmiati rescues cats in Indonesia

Salmiati a cat rescuer in Indonesia

I don’t know much about this saint-like woman in Indonesia. She deserves a medal and recognition for her voluntary struggles in rescuing homeless cats from huge mounds of garbage in Indonesia’s West Sumatra province which is why I am writing this. Her name is Salmiati. I have her name in the title deliberately. It …

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Man eats cat to make himself invincible from harm by genies in black magic ritual

Man eats cat in black magic ritual

This is another strange story. It comes from Jakarta (I believe). An Indonesian man, Abah Grandong, allegedly ate a cat (presumed domestic) on video published on Facebook which went viral and he did it because he believed in a black magic (Banten) ritual called ‘debus’. In this ritual it is believed that eating cats …

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