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Onsior painkiller for cats

Onsior for cat pain (info on side effects)

At the time this article was first published (2013) Onsior was a fairly new painkiller for pets. The active drug is robenacoxib. Before this drug became available in June 2012, a cat owner had...

Cats purr at the vets sometimes. Is it to calm them and reduce pain?

Purring reduces pain in cats. Discuss.

Science indicates that purring can reduce pain in cats which is probably one of its purposes. Some scientists think that one reason for purring is that it heals the cat. The reasons why a...

What can CBD oil do for my cat?

What can CBD oil do for my cat?

I’m going to primarily rely a woman in America, Kat (a convenient and appropriate name in the context of this article!), who has gained personal experience of using CBD oil to treat dogs. I...

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