Florida panther – conservation efforts have succeeded for now

Catamount or puma

The Florida panther can be a thorn in the side of economic growth and a barrier to improving the lives of the people of Florida – discuss. It is bit of an anomaly in that it is the only puma population in the east of the US. Are there too many human settlements which …

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Inbreeding of wild cats can lead to extinctions in the wild due to unviable population sizes

Siberian tiger cub septuplets born in captivity

I feel that humankind is gradually approaching the time when we could argue that the inbreeding of some wild cat species might effectively extinguish them in the wild. Through human activity we have brought many wild cat species to their knees. The classic causes are habitat loss and direct persecution such as poaching for …

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Conservation of the puma a.k.a. mountain lion – full discussion 2022

Mountain lion travelling

Introduction: This page has been refreshed, added-to and republished on February 1, 2022. It needed to be because assessments on conservation of wild species needs to be constantly updated. That said, and regrettably, it seems that the experts are not doing this. The experts charged with reporting on conservation and threats against the puma …

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Cats as American state animals

USA State cats as designated state animals

There are five cats as state animals in America. Florida: Florida Panther (1982 – state animal – actually the state mammal) Maryland: Calico cat (state’s domestic animal and state mammal) New Hampshire: Bobcat (wild cat and state mammal) 2015. Maine: Maine Coon Cat (state’s domestic animal). Massachusetts: Tabby Cat (state’s domestic animal is a …

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Catastrophe: Florida panther species stricken with ataxia. Deliberate poisoning?

Ataxia in Florida Panthers

UPDATE: 10-4-21 – It looks like this is an epidemic of feline leukomyelopathy (FLM) which also affects bobcats. They think it might be a neurotoxin or a virus. They are working on it. It it is very serious and it may severely impact the Florida panther population. It is affecting many cubs. If they …

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Economic expansion in Florida trumps Florida panther conservation

Puma climbing a tree

As always, business and economic expansion is more important, at the end of the day, to wild species conservation. And the Trump administration, as we well know, is very keen on economic expansion in the USA together with the resultant increase in job opportunities and job security. This is one of President Trump’s main …

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Cougars in Eastern USA are Florida Panthers, Escaped Captives or Have Dispersed from the West

Eastern Puma delisted as subspecies of American wild cat

The Eastern Cougar has been extinct in America for at least 70 years. However, it remained on the Federal List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife despite being classified as extinct by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It looks as though the authorities, in their hearts, had decided that this beautiful wild cat species …

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