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USA State cats as designated state animals

Cats as American state animals

There are five cats as state animals in America. Florida: Florida Panther (1982 – state animal – actually the state mammal) Maryland: Calico cat (state’s domestic animal and state mammal) New Hampshire: Bobcat (wild...

Puma bobcat Hybrid

Puma/bobcat Hybrid Florida?

Here are a couple of screenshots from a camera trap video in the Florida Everglades. The camera was positioned extremely well. The cat genuinely looks like a puma/bobcat hybrid. There is no escaping that...

Florida Panther

Unknown Florida Wildcat

by Tom Haddad (goldsboro, NC) I saw a large strange cat in 1988 in port St.Lucie/Stuart fla. – My wife saw 2 of them. I have tried on many occasions to identify this cat...

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