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Domestic cats can and do mate with many species of wild cat

Can domestic cats breed with wildcats?

Yes, domestic cats can and do mate (breed) with wildcats. There is a slight complication in answering the question to do with definitions. The word ‘wildcat’ means the species of wild cat called ‘wildcats’!...

Ocelot-cougar hybrid is viable

There is a nice reference in Wikipedia to a purported ocelot-cougar hybrid. A mating of a puma and an ocelot can happen but in my travels over the internet you only see it happen...

1960s purported bobcat hybrid but a tabby domestic cat

Can a cat have a baby with a bobcat?

The question is interesting because it is loosely formulated. What it is asking is can the domestic cat mate with a bobcat to create hybrid offspring and the best answer comes from Sarah Hartwell...

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