Siamese kitten tested positive for meth and amphetamine

Athena had an incredibly hard start to her life

NEWS AND VIEWS: I always comment on the news rather than simply repeating it as I must. I have to contribute something to it. No point just regurgitating it. And this story from America, from my perspective, highlights a problem with drug taking that is a big issue in America and other countries. Drugs …

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In the UK, if a dog injuries or kills your cat the police might not become involved

The police might do nothing if a dog attacks and injures or kills your cat because they might assess the dog is not being dangerously out of control.

A story in the online newspaper GB News interests me. A large dog attacked Becky Quane’s cat outside her home in Birmingham, UK. Her cat was killed. The police refused to become involved. She felt helpless as she wanted the dog’s owner to be prosecuted for a crime. Tricky assessment The law in this …

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A kind old lady feeding her neighbour’s cat is not attempted theft, is it?

A kind old lady feeding their neighbour's cat is not attempted theft is it?

You may know (the answer to the question in the title) and I recently wrote about the UK government introducing the crime of pet theft. ‘Ordinary theft’ under the Theft Act 1968 covers pet theft but it doesn’t do justice to companion animal theft because of the emotional distress caused to both companion animal …

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bill S.222 An Act Prohibiting Inhumane Feline Declawing

I hate cat declawing as it is very cruel and completely unnecessary 99.9% of the time

Yippee! πŸ˜πŸ’•This news has put a big smile on my face and on the faces of millions of animal advocates in America (and around the world). The legislators of Massachusetts are debating a ban on cat declawing and it looks good for cats and animal advocates. What I mean is that the bill has …

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UK government supports making cat and dog theft a specific crime

Pet theft may become a specific crime in the England and N. Ireland

NEWS AND COMMENT – UK: The Pet Abduction Bill is being debated in the House of Commons at Parliament which if passed will make the theft of cats and dogs a specific criminal offence in England Wales and Northern Ireland. Comment: this must be a response to what some might regard as a surge …

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Cary, a North Carolina town, has a cat leash law which is more than 50 years old

Cary, a town in North Carolina, USA, has imposed cat leash laws on its residents for the past 50 years and more.

The New York Post reports on a North Carolina town called Cary where the administrators have imposed a cat leash law for more than 50 years, which may surprise many people. Even today, it is highly unusual for a local authority to impose a cat leash law on its residents. But in Cary it …

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Vietnamese owner of cat meat restaurant regrets stealing and killing thousands of cats many of them pets by drowning in a bucket

Cat meat restaurant owner in Vietnam regrets stealing pets and drowning them in a bucket of water 300 times a month and serving them up in a broth

NEWS/OPINION: You may have heard about the Vietnamese cat meat restaurant in Vietnam owned by Pham Quoc Doanh. I am pleased that the news media has picked up on his feelings about what he did over the years. It might shed some light on the cat meat culture of Vietnam. But there’s change afoot. …

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63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023)

63 jurisdictions ban cat declawing as at Dec 2023

There are 63 jurisdictions where cat declawing is specifically banned in their legislation. You can almost certainly count in many more because umbrella animal welfare laws would ban cat declawing for non-therapeutic purposes. The 63 jurisdictions where declawing is banned would allow declawing for therapeutic i.e. for health reasons. That’s an important point. Tacoma, …

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