Clever and brave woman releases wild bobcat from trap

Woman releases a trapped bobcat with intelligence and courage

Great woman. Love her for her actions. She was smart. She combined intelligence with a healthy dose of courage. There was a risk to her as the bobcat was agitated and defensively aggressive as expected. But she used the shield to protect herself and after the cat was released, it calmed down and appeared …

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84 cases of cats being shaved illegally (March 2023)

Shaved cat example

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: This is a news item which has been circulating in the UK for a while and it is developing hence this report. I’m told that there are now 84 cases of domestic cats being shaved illegally. I’m referring to indoor/outdoor cats who are perhaps outdoors at night and somebody, a criminal …

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Medieval domestic cat skinners

Domestic cat skinners of medieval times

A bit of domestic cat history from England and Europe in general plus an image created with the help of an AI computer and some superb online software and some imagination. In Medieval England (500-1500 AD) domestic cats were in danger of being captured and skinned by professional skinners. Does this remind you of …

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Gloves trimmed with cat fur for sale in Australia

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia were gloves trimmed with genuine domestic cat fur are on sale

NEWS AND COMMENT-QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET, MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA: Gloves trimmed with genuine domestic and stray cat fur are on sale at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. They are marketed as fake (faux) fur but when they were tested by an American laboratory the fur trimming was found to be genuine and that of a …

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