Why do cats wake up before their owners?

Cat wakes up owner because they are crepuscular

The fact that domestic cats wake up before their owners is something that a cat caregiver needs to adapt to as they are unlikely to change as it’s instinctive and inherited from their wild cat ancestor. It’s because cats are crepuscular animals which means that they are most active during the dawn and dusk …

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When to know your cat is asking for food you don’t have

Cat meowing for food you don't have

This is a little thought that might help one of two people. Nothing startling but it has just happened to me and I am sure that it happens to many other cat caregivers. Scenario – habits You give your cat a treat at the same every day when the treat is available. In my …

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Happy cat campaign tip 2 – observe your cat’s behaviour and take notes

Observe your cat and make some mental notes to find out what makes them tick and happy

In 2011 a veterinary charity in the UK assessed the physical and social environment of domestic cats and decided that on average in cat owners needed to improve as the score they came up with was 64%. Unsurprisingly, the score was lower in homes where there was more than one cat because issues surrounding …

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Can domestic cats become spoilt and difficult?

Spoilt cat

Is it possible to spoil a cat as you can with a human? I believe it is. And if I’m correct it normally affects their eating habits. This is how you might spoil your cat to the point where they become picky about the food they want to eat. You treat your cat occasionally. …

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10 facts about using hands as play toys for your cat

Man invites his Bengal cat to use his hand as a play toy

Here are 10 pretty obvious facts about using your hands as a play toy for your cat. It is a definite no-no. The man in the video is being silly because he wants to create an interesting video. It’s a kind of masochism to titillate viewers and frankly it is very stupid because you …

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3 reasons why cats know when you’re coming home

Cat knows when owner is coming home

We know that humans have internal clocks. That is an undisputed fact. It is not a very precise clock and so we refine it with timekeepers. It is plausible to suggest, and science supports this, that domestic cats also have an internal clock. It is the feline’s internal clock combined with their circadian rhythm …

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Working at home with your cat? Anxious about returning to the office?

Male cat has enjoyed the company of his human companion Stacey Myers but soon it will be over

You’ve had more time than you could ever imagine sitting at your desk in your home office doing the work that you would have done at ‘the office’, and with you a lot of the time has been your cat companion. He has interrupted you at inopportune moments because he thinks your desk is …

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Are cats sensitive to human emotions?

Samson with stroller in background on his balcony in NYC

Are cats sensitive to human emotions? Insofar as human emotions affect body language, “most cats are extraordinarily sensitive to human body language, much more so than they usually receive credit for”. The quote comes from Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense. He believes that cats are sensitive to human emotions when emotions …

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