New York City cat rescuer with 12,000 Instagram followers arrested for alleged animal abuse

Cats rescued from a cat rescuer by the ASPCA

NEWS AND VIEWS: On the face of it, this is another one of those cat rescuers turned bad stories. We see them from time to time when cats rescued by a rescuer need to be rescued from the rescuer! But we have to be careful when we criticise cat rescue charities because the stories …

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ASPCA, HSUS and Best Friends criticised for how they spend their wealth

3 top USA animal charities criticised for how they spend their wealth

Three major American animal welfare charities have been criticised on how they spend their money. These charities are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Best Friends Animal Society (Best Friends). Criticism The criticism is that the proportion of donations that …

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ASPCA are wrong about cat declawing

ASPCA condones this - declawing

Here is the reason why ASPCA are wrong about declawing cats. Today, there is a tweet from City the Kitty which states that “ASPCA ultimately condones declawing and is helping declawing vets make money from this cruelty”. They want people to ask Subaru to stop donating millions to ASPCA. Subaru is the biggest contributor …

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Police won’t do anything about our new neighbours shooting outdoor cats

It is not uncommon for cruel idiots to take pot shots at cats with bb guns in the US

On social media, there is a plea for help from a homeowner whose new neighbours are shooting outdoor cats with BB guns and the police won’t do anything about it – “Our new neighbors are shooting the outdoor cats with bb guns. Police aren’t doing anything. Who can I contact to fight this?”. This …

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The uncertain future of New York City’s cats during pandemic

Lisa Scroggins, the founder of Little Wanderers, a rescue organisation under pressure, but remaining successful during the coronavirus pandemic in New York City, is nervous about the future of feral and indeed domestic cats in the city. She said that climbing unemployment rates are affecting the prospects for domestic cats in homes, never mind …

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Woman does TNR the hard way in New York City because of coronavirus crisis

Latonya Walker, an heroic individual who cares for feral cat colonies in NYC during the coronavirus pandemic

This woman is heroic. Her name is Latonya “Sassee” Walker, 50. She works for the New York City Health and Hospitals in billing. Everyone knows that New York City is going through a torrid time with a very high level of infections and deaths from Covid-19. The ASPCA has stopped doing free spays and …

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DIY cat re-homing should be first choice rather than using an animal shelter

DIY rehoming is better than using a shelter

If you have to re-home your cat try and do it yourself first before going to a shelter. And the vast majority of people who are looking to relinquish their cat really don’t want to. Matthew Bershadker, the president and CEO of the ASPCA said that: “…the vast majority of people who are looking …

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