Australian cats convicted of serial killing to be imprisoned in perpetuity

The domestic cat as a criminal to be imprisoned in Australia

Banning domestic cats from public places in all Australia is now a distinct possibility. The war by the authorities against free-roaming domestic cats and feral cats in Australia has been relentless and it is having an effect on the attitudes of the citizens. The vast majority support confining cats to the home all the …

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A majority of Australians are in favor of domestic cat containment

Domestic cat in a sparsely furnished modern home which has not been made mentally stimulating for the cat

The perennial issue of cat containment in Australia has resurfaced. The Conversation, in collaboration with Monash University, conducted a study to gauge the support among 3,400 participants for cat containment policies. These policies would mandate that cat owners confine their pets to their property, presumably indoors or within a designated outdoor enclosure. The study …

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Bengal cat is able to escape over a cat confinement fence

Bengal cat gets over a cat confinement fence

It is probably fair to say that the Bengal cat is the most adept at escaping from a garden enclosure circumvented by a cat confinement fence of some sort. They are great escape artists. And being a wild cat hybrid they are very athletic. This is their reputation. And here, in this video, we …

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Places where domestic cats are confined to the home by law

Housing Development Board HDB flats

You may know that there is a gradual, modern trend towards confining domestic cats to their home and the surrounding back and front yard. Whether or not domestic cats are confined to their owners’ properties depends upon individual owner preferences, local laws and cultural norms. There are jurisdictions (places where an authority has control …

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When it is time to admit failure and rehome your cat

Old male cat screams all the time when living in a one-bedroom apartment and the female owner is at the end of her tether

There is a woman on the website who is completely at the end of her tether. She hates the cat that she adopted. She had waited all her life to adopt a cat of her own. When she finally bought her own one-bedroomed flat on the second floo she adopted an older male …

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Who’s to blame when dog kills cat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia?

Sunshine coast Australia

There is a tortuously tricky decision to be made about which owner is liable in terms of criminal behaviour and compensation under a civil claim after a cat wandered onto a next-door neighbour’s property (front garden) and was killed by the dog living at that property on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The complexity …

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The 5 freedoms and full-time indoor living for cats

Window perch for indoor cats

There is a policy called the Five Freedoms which applies to farm livestock, and which has been mentioned in a study about the adaptation of domestic cats to confinement. It is something that I had not considered before. There are challenges in keeping a domestic cat confined to the home particularly when it’s a …

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Ongoing grounding of cats in Walldorf for three months annually to protect endangered bird

Cat predation on crested lark curtailed by Walldorf's administrators

A German town, Walldorf, ordered residents to lock their cats indoors over the summer for the next three years or face a fine of €500. The move was designed to protect ground-nesting, endangered crested larks; particularly the hatchlings who are very vulnerable. Fines could rise as high as €50,000. Ornithologists were clearly delighted at …

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