Successful treatment for FIP should soon be available to cat owners in US

Woman happy in the company of her cat

A successful medication for a deadly cat virus should soon to be available in US in what has been described as a ‘huge triumph’. It has been a long time coming. Cat owners will no longer have to resort to the black market to obtain the drug and treat their seriously sick cats. There …

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What chance is there of the deadly cat coronavirus in Cyprus spreading to the UK?


In answer to the question in the title, the chances are very slim, as I see it, but please read on. A lot is currently been spoken about the “deadly cat coronavirus” in Cyprus which has ostensibly killed 300,000 cats but which I have said is an impossible statistic [link to that article]. The …

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FALSE REPORT that feline infectious peritonitis has killed 300,000 cats on Cyprus

Community cat of Cyprus

NEW AND VIEWS -CYPRUS: The news media are all over this. They state with confidence that feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a coronavirus, has killed 300,000 stray end domestic cats on Cyprus. Vasiliki Mani, 38, a member of several animal welfare organisations, is demanding a swift solution. In January, she spent 3,600 euros (just over …

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Certain breeds of cat and purebred cats generally contract FIP more often than mixed breed cats

Birman cat breed

FIP is feline infectious peritonitis; a serious disease. It is progressive, systemic and it produces a range of symptoms. It has a high mortality rate. It is therefore of great interest to people in terms of cat health and welfare. I have a page written in layperson’s terms about FIP which you can read …

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Black market drug for cats found to destroy Covid-19 virus in lab experiments


A drug labelled GC376 was found, we are told by the authors of a Daily Mail online article, to destroy the Covid-19 virus in lab experiments. There are calls for the drug to be trialled as a standard treatment for coronavirus. As I understand it, GC376 is not yet authorised in America by the …

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The Connection between Coronavirus and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Drugs for FIP and Covid-19 are very similar

There is an unusual and surprising connection between the coronavirus which is labelled Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2, and FIP. Both are scary illnesses or can be. They can both kill to devastating effect. They are both coronaviruses but that is not the connection I want to write about. There is a similarity in the alternative …

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GS4441524 also known as EV0984 – a drug treatment for FIP and COVID-19 in humans?

GS4441524 treatment for FIP

GS4441524 is an anti-viral drug that interrupts the FIP infection. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), is a viral disease of cats that is almost universally fatal. FIP is caused by a member of the coronavirus group so you can see the connection between FIP and COVID-19 (the official name for the coronavirus which started in …

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