Rescuing a kitty in Kherson (after the dam blast flooding)

A tender and successful moment with cheers from those watching!

NEWS AND VIEWS – UKRAINE: This is a short video of the animal rescue aspect of the Ukraine dam flooding disaster which, it is now been decided, was caused by an act of Russian terrorism; a blast which destroyed enough of the dam to cause it to collapse. Ironically, it is flooding areas occupied by the Russians and it is negatively impacting freshwater supplies to Crimea which is also occupied by Russians.

The reason for the destruction of this dam are somewhat unclear but we know that it has flooded the Kazkova Dibrova Zoo in Russian occupied Kherson causing upwards of 300 animal deaths. Volunteers had offered their help to rescue the animals but they couldn’t do so because the area was mined by the Russians. The Russians blocked their help before the floods took hold. Sad to say this is another example of Russian wanton destruction of animals.

My personal view is that because the Kremlin has realised that they can’t win the war they are now hellbent on destroying Ukraine to neutralise it so that in the mind of Putin Ukraine no longer presents a risk to Russia’s security. This is crazy thinking because Ukraine was never a risk to Russia but now, they are because they going to join NATO after the war is over.

Before the war they applied to join NATO but it was a 10-year process. Russia was safer before the war then during and after it. A grave error of judgement on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

The scale of the floods caused by the destruction of this dam in southern Ukraine are becoming clear. The water has flooded 75 km southwest to the city of Kherson. The Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite images provide us with information about the extent of the flooding.

Flooding after the destruction of the Ukrainian dam by Russians (believed).
Flooding after the destruction of the Ukrainian dam by Russians (believed). Image: Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite image.

Recent analysis has provided, as I understand it, clear information that the dam was blown up and that this was not some sort of accident or defect.

In addition to the vast areas of flooding, the dam’s destruction has heightened concerns about the state of the nuclear power station at Zaporizhzia which is about 130 km upstream.

Ukraine’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, has tweeted his despair at the destruction and the loss of lives of hundreds perhaps thousands of animals. He said:

While the Russian evil is terrorizing and destroying all living things, we are doing and will continue to do everything to save every living creature! Thousands and thousands of animals are trapped in the flood after the destruction of the dam and other structures of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant by Russia. We remember that humanity means taking care not just of each other, but of all living beings. We, Ukrainians, save and protect lives. Thank you to everyone who helps!

Videos and photographs are emerging of the rescue of these animals as they were trapped in homes or on small areas of high ground. The video on this page is one such rescue. Thank God that domestic cats are good swimmers.

It is very distressing and depressing to see this kind of wanton destruction. It will take many billions of US dollars to rebuild Ukraine. Who’s going to pay for it? Russia? They should be forced to pay for it with further sanctions and further international pressure after the war. The burden of rebuilding should not be taken up by the West entirely.

A major animal rescuer is UAnimals (Ukraine Animals) an animal rights charity operating from the capital Kyiv.

With the sound of artillery going off in the background this Ukraine soldier thinks of a dog and his daughter

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Man plucks kitten from bloated, fast flowing river after highest rainfall since 1880

Man rescues kitten from fast flowing bloated river which is usually a stream after 5.4 inches of rain
Man rescues kitten from fast flowing bloated river which is usually a stream after 5.4 inches of rain. Screenshot.

There is a bit of global warming in this kitten rescue story, if you believe in climate change as I do. The story is timely with COP26 rumbling on at Glasgow at the moment. The scientists are at one on global warming: it is happening. We should trust in them and get on with stopping it for the sake of generations to come.

Skip and Nancy Campbell in Sacramento California spotted a kitten apparently drowning in a fast flowing, bloated river (normally a stream) near their home. They are familiar with rescuing feral cats and have adopted some themselves. On this day the rainfall had been the most severe since 1880 according to Newsweek as 5.4 inches fell, causing flooding. What was normally a creek turned into a bloated river and bobbing on and below the surface was the tiny head of a kitten spotted by Nancy, Skip’s wife.

Skip Campbell rescues kitten from bloated stream turned into a river in Sacremento, California
Skip Campbell rescues kitten from bloated stream turned into a river in Sacremento, California. Screenshot.

The kitten was fortunate because Skip knows the terrain very well. He knew the lie of the land underneath the water and decided it was safe to wade into it as you can see in the video. He plucked the kitten from the torrent, waded back with a smile on his face holding the complaining kitten by the scruff of the neck.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

They dried him off and called her Stormy. There were going to adopt her out and advertised her on Facebook but when Stormy snuggled up to their older daughter Michelle for a few hours it was game over according to Skip.

“Well, here’s an update: I think we are keeping Stormy. Shocker I know. She snuggled with my older daughter Michelle last night for a few hours and it was over.”

Stormy was a feral or stray kitten and is rapidly becoming a domestic cat. Actually judging by that last statement I think we can state with some confidence that Stormy was not a true feral when rescue but she is a true domestic cat now.

In the photograph above she looks like a black cat but actually she’s quite a light grey as you can see in the photograph below published on Facebook.

Stormy rescued from a creek turned into a bloated fast flowing river
Stormy rescued from a creek turned into a bloated fast flowing river. Photo: Skip and Nancy Campbell on Facebook.

Postscript: Apparently some people have criticised Skip for the way he carried Stormy out of the water and the way he presented Stormy before the camera at the end. I understand that. He was completely in his rights to catch Stormy by the scruff in the water. This is because it made her more passive (kitten response). If he had to grapple with what he thought was a feral cat under those circumstances it was likely that the cat would have escaped after struggling and found herself back in the water.

It was a question of getting the job done. Entirely understandable. I think at the end he might have supported the cat with his other hand when smiling at the camera. But you don’t know how feral or how agitated a cat is going to be so it is not a time for being overly concerned about comfort but more about carrying out an effective rescue; to save a life. That was the primary purpose under these difficult circumstances.

Story from Amanda Thomason of The Western Journal.


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Body of National Guardsman found two days after he went missing as he attempted to rescue Maryland woman and her cat

The body of a National Guardsman who went missing two days ago as he attempted to rescue a Maryland woman and her cat has been found.

“He was trying to save me, He’s a hero.”

Police from Howard County identified the body of  Sgt. Eddison Hermond, 39 after he was pulled from the Patapsco River just across the Baltimore County line.

Sgt. Hermond was last seen around 5:20 p.m. Sunday near the La Palapa restaurant on Main Street in Ellicott City. Kate Bowman and her cat were in her shop, Clipper’s Canine Cafe, when she attempted to escape the waist-high water. Hermond spotted Kate and tried to help.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Kate stated the rescue had nothing to do with her cat

“I could barely see anything and I could barely hear anything. He stepped over the ledge to try to get to me, and he was washed away. He was trying to save me. He’s a hero.”

Hermond was assigned to Camp Pretterd in Reistertown and had served with the Maryland Army National Guard since 2009 after more than a decade in the U.S. Air Force after enlisting in 1996.

Officials searched the area beginning shortly after midnight Monday morning but couldn’t locate him. Search and rescue dogs combed the building and vehicles but were unsuccessful.

One of Hermond’s friends, Beth Czyryca, told news media he was one of the nicest people in the world and he always had a smile on his face. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan took to Twitter today saying there are no words to describe the loss of this great man.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Hermond. He was a hero who died serving his community. Please keep all of those who are experiencing natural disasters in your thoughts and prayers that they remain safe.

Both sources below contain more information about Sgt. Hermond and the Maryland floods.

Source 1

Source 2

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Real Time Video of Cat Rescue in Sydney Floods

This appears to be a video of a group of people who were travelling along a road near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia when they saw a cat drowning in a large muddy pool which had formed in the grass verge because of a violent storm. While a person in the car films the action, the guy gets out of his car with an umbrella, which looks a bit inadequate, and he wades into the edge of the pool and grabs the cat by the scruff of his neck. It looks a bit uncomfortable for the cat but I can understand this method of grabbing the cat under the circumstances. Well done on these people. The cat was taken to an animal hospital.

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Let’s Think of the Lost and Dying Companion Animals in West Virginia’s Floods

We have heard that the death toll is now 26 in West Virginia where more than 32,000 businesses and homes were without power and where the death toll is the highest in any state from flooding in the USA in 2016. Entire towns have almost been lost in some areas said Tim Rock the spokesman for the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

There will no doubt be stories in the forthcoming weeks of cats and dogs being rescued from the floods. And there is no doubt that there will be deaths as well and lost companion animals who hopefully will be reunited with their caretakers and guardians, all being well.

I am sure that as I am writing this many people are searching for their beloved pets. It is not just people who have been killed and who have been displaced by these dramatic floods in West Virginia which occurred on Thursday and Friday last.

Kanawha County officials has told WSAZ (an online newspaper) that anyone concerned about a lost pet should contact the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association at (304) 342-1576.

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