Rescuing a kitty in Kherson (after the dam blast flooding)

Cat rescue from the floods at Kherson after the dam was destroyed

A tender and successful moment with cheers from those watching! NEWS AND VIEWS – UKRAINE: This is a short video of the animal rescue aspect of the Ukraine dam flooding disaster which, it is now been decided, was caused by an act of Russian terrorism; a blast which destroyed enough of the dam to …

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Man plucks kitten from bloated, fast flowing river after highest rainfall since 1880

Skip Campbell rescues kitten from bloated stream turned into a river in Sacremento, California

There is a bit of global warming in this kitten rescue story, if you believe in climate change as I do. The story is timely with COP26 rumbling on at Glasgow at the moment. The scientists are at one on global warming: it is happening. We should trust in them and get on with …

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Body of National Guardsman found two days after he went missing as he attempted to rescue Maryland woman and her cat

The body of a National Guardsman who went missing two days ago as he attempted to rescue a Maryland woman and her cat has been found. Police from Howard County identified the body of  Sgt. Eddison Hermond, 39 after he was pulled from the Patapsco River just across the Baltimore County line. Sgt. Hermond …

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