Rescuing a kitty in Kherson (after the dam blast flooding)

Cat rescue from the floods at Kherson after the dam was destroyed

A tender and successful moment with cheers from those watching! NEWS AND VIEWS – UKRAINE: This is a short video of the animal rescue aspect of the Ukraine dam flooding disaster which, it is now been decided, was caused by an act of Russian terrorism; a blast which destroyed enough of the dam to …

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Pictures of cats and dogs being rescued in Orange County after Hurricane Ian

Ginger tabby cat rescued from Hurricane Ian in Orange County

The Orange County Government state on their Facebook page that “Pets are family”. It is the reason behind their committed rescue of cats and dogs from the Hurricane Ian floods. Of course, they are correct, but I would not call them ‘pets’ but that’s a minor point and I am being picky. The major …

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Man plucks kitten from bloated, fast flowing river after highest rainfall since 1880

Skip Campbell rescues kitten from bloated stream turned into a river in Sacremento, California

There is a bit of global warming in this kitten rescue story, if you believe in climate change as I do. The story is timely with COP26 rumbling on at Glasgow at the moment. The scientists are at one on global warming: it is happening. We should trust in them and get on with …

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Video goes viral of pastor carrying soaked kitten through the rain in Jacksonville, NC

Mathew Drake and kitten

A video of Matthew Drake, a North Carolina pastor at Richlands United Pentecostal Church has gone viral. It was posted on the Twitter account of CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz last Friday. With two other members of churches, one his own, he set out to check on homes to see if they needed help. …

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Hurricane Florence: nearly all the pictures are of rescued dogs not cats

Stranded dog

I’ve been searching Google images for a while, looking for good pictures of cats being rescued during Hurricane Florence. In my estimation about 90% of the photographs are of dogs being rescued. Why is this? I can think of several possible reasons. Firstly, more dogs are being abandoned than cats during Hurricane Florence (unlikely). …

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Newly adopted kitten washed away with family home in Hurricane Harvey floodwater

Cat rescued from Houston flood waters is doing well

A Houston family had just adopted a tabby kitten. The kitten was micro-chipped and registered with Harris County Veterinary Public Health. The registered ownership had not been transferred to the family at the time the disaster struck and their home and cat washed away by the floods. The family had lost everything and had …

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Thames Floods Feb 2014 (think of the cats)

Just a quick note about the Thames flooding. Here are a couple of snapshots taken yesterday evening of the Thames about a 15 minutes walk from where I live. They were taken with an iPhone. I live in Ham which is near Richmond Park. The Thames always looks awesome and beautiful but it can …

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