Reason why UK drivers don’t have to stop and report a collision with a cat

D'Artagnan and Olivia

Olivia Holland-Rose, an actress who recently played a role in the Phantom of the Opera it is reported that she adopted a Somali purebred cat last Christmas and named him D’Artagnan. Sadly, he was run over by a car and killed. He was a gift from her husband. Looking at the photo of her …

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Carrie Symonds signed petition calling for ban on wild animal markets

End wild animal trade

In Carrie’s words,’Have signed this petition calling for an end to the global wildlife trade once and for all. Please do consider doing the same. This crisis gives us the chance to start doing things better. Let this be one of those things’. It is almost certain and widely accepted that the coronavirus crisis …

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Cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy in America supports a couple’s catio near Huddersfield, England

Catio in front garden breached planning regulations

A cat loving couple, Mr and Mrs Haworth, in Marsden, Yorkshire, UK, a large Village within the Borough of Kirklees, built a catio in their front yard. It occupies almost all of their front garden. They did not seek planning permission before constructing it. They have 4 rescue cats using the catio so the …

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80% of Singaporeans are prevented from owning a domestic cat

Letter from HBD Singapore telling residents to rehome their cats

80% of Singaporeans cannot keep a cat because they live in public housing. In Singapore, 8 in 10 citizens live in what are called HDB flats. “HDB” stands for Housing & Development Board. This is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. They provide Singaporeans with affordable …

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Petition Urges Santa Monica College to Stop Dissecting Pregnant Cats

Pregnant cats! This is shocking. PETA via the Care2 Petitions website has successfully asked visitors to sign their petition. The objective: to urge Santa Monica College to stop dissenting pregnant cats. The target is 40k signatures; the current number is 37k. It is reported that ‘recent eyewitness footage’ revealed the practice. I presume a …

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Petition signatures needed to seek maximum sentence for animal-abusing NC couple

Black cat

Petition signatures are needed to seek the maximum sentence for the animal-abusing North Carolina couple who abandoned 16 cats in November, 2016. This PoC article will bring you up to date as to what happened to the cats, and this article tells of the arrest of Terry Beasley and Tamara Perezlazaro. The petition will …

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