American cities where you will find the most pet friendly apartments (2023)

Renters with pets are fine in Austin, Texas

NEWS AND COMMENT: As I understand it, it is expensive to purchase property in Austin, Texas because of the success of big businesses in that city followed by an influx of people and therefore greater demand for properties. So, the prices go up but the good news is that out of a hundred cities …

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Is it okay for a Bengal cat to live in an apartment?

Five F1 Bengal kittens

Can Bengal cats live in apartments? No, in my opinion. I mean they can and do. But it is just not right as far as I am concerned. Why? Because they are wildcat hybrids. They are more active than the typical domestic cat. They are more demanding than the true domestic cats. There is …

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16 facts about high-rise syndrome in cats

Cat has conversation with hooded crow on high rise building

Here are 16 facts about high-rise syndrome in domestic cats. In some parts of the world high-rise syndrome is relatively common and those places will be conurbations where there is a high human population density such as Singapore. RELATED: Longest non-lethal fall in feline history. “High-rise syndrome” refers to a collection of injuries sustained …

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Unconcerned domestic cat leaps off balcony 12 feet up onto sidewalk to chase a cat

Nugget leaps from 12 feet onto a hard surface

Nugget, a domestic cat, was on a balcony attached to what looks like a first-floor apartment in a condo. I am guessing the height. Anyway, it looks too high for a cat to safely jump from especially as it is onto a pavement (sidewalk) and therefore a hard surface. But he is compelled to …

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The reason why cats fall off balconies

Cat trapped and saved from falling off high rise building

America is entering the cat high-rise syndrome season. The weather becomes warmer and cat owners let their cats go out on the balcony. Because the domestic cat is so athletic and so capable in terms of walking along ledges and climbing trees, cat owners think that their cat is infallible in high places. They …

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80% of Singaporeans are prevented from owning a domestic cat

Letter from HBD Singapore telling residents to rehome their cats

80% of Singaporeans cannot keep a cat because they live in public housing. In Singapore, 8 in 10 citizens live in what are called HDB flats. “HDB” stands for Housing & Development Board. This is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. They provide Singaporeans with affordable …

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