Scottish wildcats bred in captivity released into the wild in Scotland

Scottish wildcat

In an effort to stave off the possibility of extinction of the Scottish wildcat in the wild, a collaboration between the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, NatureScot, Forestry and Land Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park Authority under the umbrella of project “Saving Wildcats”, twenty-two wildcats were bred in captivity and the first group …

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Nicola Sturgeon says that the coronavirus pandemic is no one’s fault

The virus is no one's fault said Nicola Sturgeon

In a video in which Scotland’s first Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, updates the nation on coronavirus regulations, she states that the coronavirus pandemic is no one’s fault. I am going to allege that she was asked to say that by the Chinese ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, in a meeting at the Scottish Chambers of …

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Woman thought she’d found friend’s lost cat but had stolen another

Lentil rescued and safe

SCOTLAND: This is a story with a twist about a microchipped, female cat who was missing for a year and who was found in a disused cinema. She was rescued by the RSPCA who had to obtain the cinema owner’s assistance to access the inside of the boarded up building. The cat (whose name …

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Scottish animal shelter branded a “kill centre” and savaged online

EDCH criticised online

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDCH) were forced to call in police after being branded a “kill centre” and savaged online after they euthanised a fit and healthy boxer dog called Kody. Although the dog had injured three staff. The dog displayed aggressive and unpredictable behaviour according to the shelter. One staff member needed …

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Abattoir worker checks waste container for seagulls and spots a cat

Holly a cat rescued from an abattoir waste container

Somehow a sweet-natured, female tabby cat ended up in a huge waste container at an abattoir, John M. Munro, in Dingwell, Scotland. The container contained tons of waste animal by-products. It must have been awful for the cat who was in a state both physically and emotionally. She has been named Holly because it …

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