Why do cats seem to like uncomfortable positions?

Cat rests in a weird position

I think the question – which I found on social media – refers to domestic cat sleeping and snoozing in what appears to humans to be uncomfortable positions or on uncomfortable surfaces. I know that my cat doesn’t mind sleeping on my duvet with cables underneath him. You would have thought that he would …

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Why are cats so creepy sometimes?

Why are cats creepy sometimes?

You see the question in the title from time to time on the Internet. Obviously, some people think domestic cats are creepy, which is sad. They are not creepy but we have to respect those who think they are. The kind of person who might think cats are creepy are those who might be …

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Why do cats sleep in their litter box?

Cat sleeping in their litter box because they are stressed

The main reason why a domestic cat might sleep in their litter box – as shown in the photograph below – is because it strongly smells of their scent due to the presence of poop residue (after it has been cleaned) which means that it is a reassuring place to them. This will be …

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This behavior unfairly gave the cat the false reputation of sneering at people

Flehmen response in a domestic cat

Until the internet really took hold and began to genuinely educate millions of cat owners about cat behaviour, there was a misconception about a strange aspect of feline behavior when every so often a cat would be seen to pause and adopt a curious sneering expression as if disgusted about something or that the …

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Is it normal to not like cats?

Circuitous degradation of the cat to human relationship

Of course, it is normal to dislike cats. It is normal for humans to hate cats sometimes. This is because it is normal for humans to do a lot of strange and/or extreme things. But disliking cats is not an extreme thing. It is just the way of things are because people have preferences. …

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Infographic on ‘strange cat behavior’

Infographic on 'strange cat behaviour'

Here is an infographic on strange cat behaviour. Due to its size, it is limited to six forms of strange behaviour. There are more. You can read about more about cat behaviour in general and ‘strange behaviour’ by clicking on the links below. The important point to get across on this topic is that …

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