10 tips on how to approach a cat

Presenting the back of the hand when greeting a cat

This is about meeting a cat you don’t know and vice versa. The ‘rules’ are obviously different if you live with a cat and have done for some time. Under those circumstances your cat will approach you confidently and all the rhythms and routines of interaction are well known to both. Perhaps the first …

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Why is my cat hissing at me all of a sudden?

Cat hissing

The question implies that your cat has not hissed at you before and therefore the relationship is good. Despite this, at the time that she hissed at you, she perceived you as a predator. A threatening cat faced with a predator produces a sound that is almost identical to that of an angry snake …

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Why do cats always run from me whether they are feral or domestic?

Anxious cat

A person asks why cats always run from her whether they are feral or domestic. Perhaps she thinks that she’s doing something wrong or that cats dislike her for some unknown reason. It’s cat behavior The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter that much whether you’re good with cats or not …

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My cat seems scared of me all of a sudden

Scared cat

The words of the title is a plea from some cat owners seeking an answer on the internet and it’s quite upsetting to hear. It is interesting that on the internet there seems to be a substantial number of people concerned about their cat being in fear of them. This may be a considerable …

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