Ukraine rescue cats arrive in DC after compliance with mountains of rules and regulations and $12,000 spent

Gorgeous Gizmo

This is an incredibly impressive, committed and wonderful cat rescue organised mainly, on my understanding, by Homewood Trails Animal Rescue (11116 Fairfax Station Rd, Fairfax Station, VA, United States, Virginia). They have a Facebook page and a couple of their Facebook posts are republished below. There is also a video from WUSA9 YouTube. Note: …

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Indoor/outdoor cat persecuted in Bellevue, Washington under strict companion animal laws


Miska is described as a badass cat, the baddest cat in the US but she’s just a standard free-roaming, tabby, indoor/outdoor cat who happens to live in Bellevue, Washington, USA, where there are extensive animal laws/regulations governing cat and dog ownership under Bellevue Municipal Code Title 8. For example, cats have to be licensed. …

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What percentage of cats are feral?

Percentage feral cats?

Conclusion: I’ll refer to the USA as I believe that they have the most domestic and feral cats of all the countries. We don’t know the percentage of feral cats because we don’t know the number of feral cats. However, we can guesstimate fairly precisely the number of domestic cats. Having made that negative …

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Why the Washington DC cat count is money well spent

Feral cat wants to be looked after

You have probably heard about the $1.5 million Washington DC project to count all the cats, namely domestic, feral and strays and those in shelters. On this scale, it’ll be the first of its kind. It’s important because to the best of my knowledge Americans don’t know with reliable accuracy the number of feral …

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