Cats: Like Father Like Son

A nice picture from the Facebook Pictures of website. This Facebook site was started by Elisa with the intention of connecting to PoC and promoting PoC but somehow it didn’t connect and has become a free standing entity although the name probably does advertise PoC. Thanks Elisa. Elisa posts some PoC stuff there, …

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American Bobtail Cat Facts For Kids

A page on the American Bobtail written for children and people who like straightforward English and great pictures in a slideshow. Look at the 2nd picture to see a young girl with her Bobtail. The slide show below works by itself. You just have to watch. If you put your mouse pointer over the …

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American Curl Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the American Curl that is written for children and anyone who likes plain English and nice pictures. This a well known cat breed from America. A cat breed is a type of cat that has its own look (appearance) and history. Read what a cat breed is by clicking …

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