Adding a cat: the right combination in terms of gender and family ties

A lot has been written about introducing a new cat to a resident cat’s home. There are often difficulties because the resident cat’s home is their ‘home range’ (to use wild cat language) and it is being invaded by a hostile outsider. This may lead to aggresssion. All the advice is about slowly introducing …

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Black Cats are Indeed Mysterious and they often become Invisible

I recently announced our formal adoption of Edgar Allen Poe, the adorable five month-old black kitten. As I was reading the comments, I was both thrilled and delighted with all the supportive, happy feedback. In fact some folks called us “heroes” for adopting a black kitten. They sent us many blessings. However I didn’t …

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100% spay and neuter will cause problems

If 100% of the domestic cats in North America were spayed and neutered at all times, within a generation there would be no domestic cats on the continent. They’d only be feral and stray cats. I think that is an interesting thought (note: in practice there would be pedigree cats left as breeders are …

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