Future Closure of Most Animal Testing Laboratories

There is a distinct possibility that most animal testing labs will be closed down in the future provided a new replacement system is approved by the regulators. The proposed replacement system is one in which artificial humans replace animals for use in laboratory testing.

Artificial liver substitute for animal testing

Artificial humans will potentially do away with the need for experiments that have claimed the lives of up to 90,000,000 animals worldwide annually. More than 4 million animals were used in laboratory experiments in Britain in 2013 and worldwide the figure is estimated at 115 million.

Within thee years, animal laboratories will begin to be replaced by farms made up of hundreds of artificial human machines. That is the bright future if things progress satisfactorily.

The human machines will simulate the response of humans to test substances which are inhaled, absorbed into the intestine or circulated throughout the bloodstream.  In fact, early versions of artificial humans comprising an artificial lung, liver, kidney, heart and gut are already being used to test cosmetics, chemicals and drugs.

The machines are being developed by a company in Berlin, Germany, called TissUse. An engineer from the company, Uwe Marx, says that the machines will replace most types of animal tests including routine repeat dosage trials conducted on millions of rodents and complex tests such as experiments on diabetes induced in monkeys.

The human farms envisaged will comprise hundreds of the machines which are size of a microchip.

Harvard University scientists are also developing a similar system and are already using a five-organ version which includes artificial lungs to conduct tests on conditions such as asthma.

The new machines allow a much greater understanding of the mechanism of the human body and give insights to the scientists which are not possible with conventional animal studies.

In recent years scientists have used individual artificial organs such as hearts and livers to test products but these tests have to be followed up by further tests on animals to prove that the substances are safe when they are put into living bodies in which the organs interact.

Subsidies under test often behave differently in animals than in humans. Apparently, almost 50% of drugs that prove satisfactory in animal testing are later found to cause unforeseen side-effects when tested on humans.

Artificial human machines will not replace all animal testing, we are told. About 20% of animal testing will continue in respect of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or hip replacement technology. These conditions require tests on animals which weigh more than 88 pounds, apparently.

You may remember that animal testing has already been banned for products such as perfume and skin lotion (cosmetics) in Europe and North America. The bans on cosmetics testing encouraged scientist to develop alternatives and cosmetics companies are apparently playing a leading role in funding the science behind artificial human machines to substitute animal testing.

I suppose, at this stage we are hopeful but for all animal and cat lovers this must surely be wonderful news and we can only hope that it comes to fruition because if 80% of animal testing is eliminated it will saved countless millions of lives and a gazillion tons of misery suffered by animals in cages in bleak laboratories.

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British Cat Lover Muslim Jihadist Wants to Behead Christians

Do you think that a true cat lover would want to behead Christians, personally, with a blunt knife? A white British woman has joined Isis terrorists in Syria and revealed online her desire to kill Christians:

“You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa…Come here I’ll do it for you!

Umm hussain al britani sally jones cat lover terrorist

The woman is a convert to Islam and is believed to have traveled to Syria at the end of last year. She had an online romance with a convicted computer hacker whose name is Junaid Hussain.

The woman in question calls herself Umm Hussain al-Britani or Sakinah Hussain. She indicated on Twitter that she lives in Raqqa, Syria. This is the main stronghold of the so-called “Islamic State”.

Computer experts have managed to discover who this person is by analyzing various online accounts that she has or had.

It is believed that her birth name is Sally Jones and she used to be the lead guitarist with an all-girl rock band.

Neighbors said that Jones had moved out of her home about 5 years ago with her 2 sons who are now aged 10 and 14.

Neighbors described her as a single mother who appeared to be unemployed and who may have had debts. Also, it is the neighbors who described her as a cat lover.

They also said that she was very scatty and a person who tended to dramatize everything. She used bad language and her children were unruly, a neighbor said.

I am unable to track down her Twitter or Facebook pages at this time so perhaps they have been deleted. I don’t know.

The big question though is whether this lady is a true cat lover and I personally cannot believe it.  A true cat lover would be more open-minded and enlightened and have a tendency towards the motto “live and let live”, in my opinion.

True cat lovers are sensitive towards others or at least they respect others or are more likely to do so, in my opinion. I think it is more about enlightenment. You have to be pretty narrow minded and bigoted to want to behead a person with a blunt knife just because they hold different religious views to your own.

But actually this massive jihad is about much more than religion I feel. The West’s way of life and culture is in decline and its values have been proved to be unsustainable. That would be the argument of the citizens of the new Islamic State.

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Should a feral cat close down a school?

An elementary school in Maryland has been closed simply because a feral cat was seen wandering around the school. Surely this cannot be a sensible reaction to the presence of a feral cat within the school’s grounds.

Feral cat

The picture above is not the cat. If is just to illustrate the page. A picture of the actual cat is at the base of the page.

The school has 500 students and they were bussed back home or they waited to be picked up by their parents to return home.

Traps have been set to catch the cat. This story was reported on August 29, 2014.  The cat may already have been caught by now and if so it is a death sentence.

In closing down the school just because a feral cat is seen wandering around is effectively a death sentence for the cat because it will be trapped by animal control and then euthanized. No question about that. Is that fair?

Of course, people have to protect students in their charge. The headmaster’s first priority is the student’s safety but does the presence of a feral cat present a danger to the students anymore than sports events or playing in the playground?

I don’t think it does. All you have to do is ignore the cat. Feral cats will nearly always run and hide from people anyway. The real danger is towards the cat not the people at the school. The headmaster could have issued a warning at morning assembly to not approach the cat. Then the school could have used the opportunity to turn the event into something positive by setting up a lesson in companion animal welfare.

I have a feeling that the headmaster’s decision to the presence of this cat is a knee-jerk reaction based upon what he or she may have read on the Internet about aggressive feral cats. It is indicative of how it is quite easy to spread misleading impressions when the wrong language and the wrong emphasis is employed in articles about cats. This is something that the news media often do.

I cannot believe that this is the first occasion when a stray cat has wandered into the grounds of the school and I’m sure that on all the other previous occasions the cat was simply ignored and the school functioned as normal.

This bad decision by the headmaster, in my opinion, does yet more damage to the public profile of the feral cat in the eyes of the public which may well lead to more persecution of the homeless cat.

Update: the cat has been captured and will be “assessed”. That means a good chance of euthanasia. I think it is disgusting. She is a dark calico:

Cat that closed school is captured
Cat that closed school is captured

She is scared. Why did they embark on all this nonsense and to kill this cat? I’d be very surprised if the cat is released or adopted out.

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Baby and cat duel for the laser pointer

When a baby and the family cat both play with a laser pointer in exactly the same way and with the same interest and fun it breaks down the barrier between the species. The human species and feline species merge for a moment, looking very similar especially as the baby crawls on all fours some of the time. They are like two cats playing 😉

The motivation for the cat to chase the pointer is hunting for prey. What motivates the baby to chase the pointer?

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Lessons in Feral Cat Care From Pakistan

By Ahsan ul Haq in Pakistan (Caretaker of Feral Cats and Kittens)

Fifty Fifty (My abandoned now 6 months old kitten)

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Feral cat saved and domesticated in Pakistan

One night when my wife and I were just coming out of our home’s door, we saw an 8 week old kitten wandering outside the road in search of food. She was just snuffing the ground. I saw her with a broad smile, and indicated to my wife to look what this kitten was doing? We both just stood there to watch her.

Suddenly, we heard a fast running car coming towards the road, straight towards this kitten girl. I ran fast towards the kitten and stood right on her. She started snuffing my feet. She was confident. She did not run away. The car driver was a boy under 18 (without license). He looked at me as he was a bit angry of what I had done. But Alhamdulillah (Thanks to Allah), the kitten was saved.

I took her up in my arms. Looked here and there, because her mom-cat could be any where. But unfortunately, I found that she was abandoned by her feral mom-cat.

Yes, I have an experience that most feral cats kill or leave their kittens to be on their own because they can not feed them milk and in this way the litter of 6 sometimes remain to only 2 or one. The ratio of survival of Feral cats in Pakistan is very low. It could be;

  • From 3 to 2 kittens or
  • From 2 to 1 Kitten or
  • All are killed by cats/ animals/ humans or died with hunger means THE END. And this is my experience.

My question has always been a bitter truth for humanity. Therefore many people start hating me and many of my own relatives/ countrymen start abusing me. The question is;

My lord! Caliph OMER once said, “If a kitten is killed/dead with hunger under my caliphate, Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala will ask OMER, why it so happened and Omer! were you not the caretaker of the whole community?”

My dear country men! Islam is peace. Not to harm any human or animal. Cats and kittens are the property of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. And more over they are the property of Islamic state. Who are we to decide to harm or kill the animal by ourself? No! not at all. Neither State has allowed you to do so nor the religion which you are saying that you people are so much sincere with.

So, the objections are raised in a negative way. They say that your truth sends a negative messages towards the western world. Stop it or you will face the circumstances.

I replied and still replying, Why to hide a truth behind thousand curtains of lies. Why don’t we change ourselves and accept the true message of Allaah Subhanahu? I don’t care, even they murder me. I do for the sake of my lord. Not for them.

Domesticated feral cat Pakistan

My daughter Khadija said, “PAPA! Why don’t you become a vet? Please do something?”

Hmmm… she is right but vet here means 15,00,000 rupees in pocket and that is equal to 15,000 dollars. One thousand and one night tale. I cannot let Khadija understand this but what if my lord let these cats and kittens live their full life and accept me as a caretaker for them, and they are happy in streets, and are daily visitors to me for food and shelter and water. This is what I can do and every other Pakistani can do.

Well! let us come back to FIFTY FIFTY kitten. I took her to my upper floor terrace and served her chicken liver, milk, kitten food and water with shelter aside (a small box for hiding her if needed, I will write about the hiding phenomena of cats and kitten in my article in future, insha Allah)

I left her and got out for a bike ride with my wife as I have told in my previous article that now I want to drift out with my wife and see the world. I am sick and tired of being caged at home.

Domesticated feral cat Pakistan 1

When we came back, I went to the terrace to see whether she was there or not? She was there, she just used the litter box, the poop was okay, healthy, chocolate color. She was sleeping with no fear. I looked at her face. Half light brown and half black. My daughter named her FIFTY FIFTY.

I laughed at Khadija. 50/50? A good sense! Though funny, too.

The next morning, I tried to pick her up and she did not like that. I used gloves because she bit me and this time it was deep. No problem! Just patience is required because it is as same as you are dealing with a human child which has been raised in jungle of his own. He will not consider you as he is. A good example is the character of Edgar Rice Burroughs…….TARZAN (Feral boy).

I checked the entire body, ears, heart beat, claws, inner mouth, teeth, tongue and specially the backbone of this kitten girl. What I found was dehydration. Her backbone was weak enough and the good news for me and my Khadija was that she started to drink a lot of water. Yup Yup Yuppy Yeaaah…. She wants to live. Ahaaa! I mean she wants to live for her own. Not like a pet girl. And this is good.

Feral cat domesticated Pakistan 2

Now, we both discussed a lot. “I want to keep her” said Khadija. “But she don’t like you” I said.

“Papa! How can you be so rude towards this kitten girl, she is mine.” I said “No! she is not!” She just took her in arms and the 50/50 answered her will. She bit Khadija. Aaauuch! He he he so the rude dad was right. 😀

Khadija admits, “You are right papa!”

“Yeah, Papa is always right”

And what we can do, is give this girl affection by providing, food, water and shelter and of course love. Start with me to pet her and take her fear out. This is the basic instinct of kittens that has been transferred from the mom-cat, specially in the culture like Pakistan.

Calico cat Pakistan

Cat-mom delivers the message to their kittens to avoid human contact because human are their first enemies. This is nature, we are talking about. And specially the nature of Feral Cat-moms. Let us change overtime their psychology. I know, this can only be changed if we human beings make a final decision to change our Feral attitude.

Feral Cats are not WILD CATS, they have been forced by us to be WILD. Do you not see that? We are forcing them to become as WILD as possible. Stop it please. Let live with them. They are the most deserving animals within the population of human community.

These events passed 4 months. And our girl 50/50 stopped biting us, she became a family member, she sleeps with us, she is happy, protected and very much healthy (with the grace of Allah Subhanahu) and we are really feeling happy with her company. At last thanks to Allah who has given us the strength to love kittens and special thanks to my girl Khadija Fatima and at last Thank you, FIFTY FIFTY (now 6 months old).

Note from Michael: Fifty Fifty is a calico cat (tortoiseshell and white).

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Albino Cat Eye Color

Albino cat eye color is pink. The color of a cat’s eye comes from pigmentation in the smooth muscles of the iris of the eye. This is the donut shaped part of the eye behind the lens which encircles the pupil, the opening in the middle.

albino cat eye color
Pink – albino cat eye color – this is Smirnoff with pink irises. According to the experts this signifies true albinism – see below

The photograph is by kngsrivr on Flickr. This is a link to his/her Flickr page. Thank you for a nice photo.

Robinson’s Genetics, a well-known authority of cat genetics, states that the albino cat reported in the USA (and continental Europe) appears to not be the true albinism as seem in other species. The say the eye pupils are “ruby red” and the irises are “a pale milky-blue” instead of being pink.

There appears to be two types of albino cat: the milky blue iris albino cat and the complete pink-eyed albino cat (the true albino cat but correct me if I have this wrong).

The existence of the pink-eyed albino cat was mentioned in the 1930s. I’ll quote Robinson’s Genetics for the sake of certainty:

“The albino allele is inherited as a recessive to the full color (C) and by implication to all other albino alleles.”

The pink color of the albino cat’s eyes is a result of light “passing through the translucent tissue in the eye structures”.

There is a description of an albino Siamese-mix in India cat on this page.

Here is a photo of a cat called Kilo who is described as albino by his guardian:

Kilo Chillin

His eyes are translucent. Read about him here.

Elfine, below is also describe as albino and the eyes are: “blue eyes with a pinkish rim”.

Albino Siamese

There appears to be more albino Siamese than either random bred or other cat breeds. The genetics of the Siamese cat are associated with those of the albino cat it seems.

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Saudi Men Torturing Cats

I forget how I stumbled upon these two examples of Saudi men torturing street cats. There seems to be quite a few street cats in Saudi Arabia. My research indicates a callous attitude towards feral cats in line with what Ahsan says about the attitude of many Pakistanis in Pakistan towards their feral cats. Note: Ahsan is a former contributor to PoC but he’s no good either in my opinion.

The Saudi legal system does not recognise the concept of animal welfare and protection through law.

Cat caged and tortured in Saudi Arabia KSA
Cat caged and tortured in Saudi Arabia KSA

There are two videos of two different Saudi men torturing different street cats. I won’t show the videos because they are too upsetting and I believe that watching people being cruel to cats is unhealthy for us. It can damage us if you are sensitive towards the welfare of animals.  However, I will provide some screenshots and a description of what happened. The screenshots are not grisly and nasty. I’ve deliberately selected ones which are not upsetting. I watched one of the videos (plastic bag on cat) but not the other (the one of a cat having its tail cut off).

Street Cat with Bag Stuck on Its Head

In this video there are 2 young Saudi Arabian men in a car and they see a street cat at the side of the road with a bag stuck on his/her head.  It appears to be a bag that once contained a convenience food for humans such as crisps. The cat is unable to get the bag off and it may have been stuck on for some time. It is clear that the cat was searching for food at the bottom of the bag and was unable to remove his head from the bag. The cat was therefore blind but managed to manoeuvre around the streets, nonetheless.

When the Saudi men see the cat the driver stops the car, gets out and walks towards the cat. The young Saudi man is laughing as he does so and laughs louder when the cat hearing the approaching footsteps runs off.  As the cat has to run to escape what he perceives as a danger he is unable to ensure that he does not run into things.  As a result, the cat runs into many objects quite forcefully which must have been very painful and which may have injured the cat’s head. The Saudi man laughs at this.

The young Saudi man, laughing as he does so, walks after the cat while the cat, in terror, continues to run away from him. Eventually the cat ends up in a confined area where he is trapped and can no longer move at which point the Saudi man very quickly pulls the bag from the cat’s head. The cat runs off into the street and hides under a car. That is the description of the video.

Saudi torture cats

Saudi torture of cats

Saudi torture of cats

Saudi torture of cats

Saudi torture of cats

It is difficult to say that this Saudi man was torturing this poor cat – a mainly white cat, by the way, with dark large blobs of color. The description below the video on you Tube and in comments is that he was torturing the cat but it is clear that he was trying to approach the cat to get the bag off his head.

The very unpleasant bit about the video is that the Saudi man laughs all the time indicating that he finds the terrifying ordeal of the cat amusing.  It is a stark callousness indicating a total disregard for animal welfare. It tends to indicate to me that the average young Saudi man living in Saudi Arabia perceives street cats as pests and vermin.

Saudi Man Cuts Tail off Cat

Note: I think the word “cutting” is inaccurate as this insensitive Saudi idiot is using a car wrench of some sort which presumable smashes the tail.

As mentioned, I have not watched this video. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it but the opening screenshot of the video (see below) tells me all I need to know and there is a short caption below the video which tells us that a Saudi boy films a Saudi man cutting off the tail of a cat because the cat damaged his car fan.

Saudi torturing cats 6

No doubt the cat, as is commonplace, was inside the engine compartment of the car and when the car started up the cooling fan struck the cat both injuring the cat and damaging the car fan at the same time. Most people would view this is in a completely opposite manner to which the Saudi man regarded it.

He sees it as a cat damaging his car. Most people would see a car damaging a cat. It is quite an interesting diametrically opposite way of seeing things. It indicates to me, once again, that in Saudi Arabia men and perhaps women perceive the street cat as a pest and a nuisance to be gotten rid of. It would be wrong of me to generalize and therefore I would have to say that there are probably many Saudi citizens who are sensitive towards the plight of the street cat but in general I see a callous, uncaring and insensitive attitude towards feral cats.

In this video, this Saudi man obviously did torture the unfortunate cat. No doubt the police did nothing about it.

General Attitude of Saudis Towards Street Cats?

Well, there are at least two petitions on petition websites: Stop the brutal abuse in Saudi Arabia. The petitioner on one site states that the street cats are being hunted and tortured in a lot of inhumane ways.

Personally, I have seen some horrendous photos of street cats who have hurt themselves badly (their faces are badly damaged – heading picture) in trying to escape cages where they are not feed or watered. This is Saudi torture of cats no more no less. Shame on you.

Saudi torture of street cats x

My online research tells me that there are no animal welfare laws in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and that animals in general are liable to be mistreated. This isn’t just about cats. It is extraordinary that the Saudi legal system does not recognise the concept of animal welfare and protection through law. This is a serious failure.

A little while ago there was a ban on the sale of cats and dogs in shops in Saudi Arabia. It followed a religious edict by the Ifta Council (religious police). Also walking dogs and cats was banned. The reason? To stop men using pets to pick up women. We know how sexist Saudi Arabia is towards women. This is an example. The deeming way women are treated is linked to the cruelty meted out to animals. It is male human ignorance and arrogance.

Conservative Muslims regard the dog as unclean (this is speciesism – a form of animal racism). And they consider it an insidious Western influence for young men to flaunt their dogs in public. “This is blind emulation of the infidels.”

But why bring the cat into this strict law when it is common knowledge that the Prophet Mohammed loved cats. The attitude towards cats should be good but clearly isn’t.

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Animal Symbolism: The Jaguar

The jaguar, and perhaps more importantly the black jaguar (black panther), was seen as other-worldly and envied (I guess) by early civilizations who lived amongst this impressive wild cat in Mexico and Central, South America. It has the attributes that humans don’t possess but desire. It was worshipped.

The jaguar symbolizes power, aggressiveness, courage, strength and ferocity. The jaguar has the strongest bite of all the cats; stronger than the bite of the tiger and lion. The black panther or melanistic jaguar is also a symbol of our subconscious abilities and urges.

Jaguar animal symboism

The Aztecs and Mayans believed that the half-jaguar, half-human would be able to throw off the shackles of cultural limitations and be free to act upon his “hidden desires”. Olmec and Chavin art shows part-jaguar part-human figures.

The Olmec people of Southern Mexico, some 2000 years ago built pavement mosaics of a jaguar god and carved large jaguar heads. The symbolic art was made to indicate social status and to improve the chances of successful hunting. The jaguar represented prowess in hunting and battle.

Ancient jaguar sculpture x

Thousands of years ago the jaguar was one of the most important symbols of Mayan culture.

In Mayan mythology the jaguar was seen as the ruler of the underworld (compare that to the domestic cat seen as the gate keeper of the underworld). At night, the jaguar god would rule over the Mayan underworld. During the day he would prowl across the sky.

The jaguar was a “symbol of night sun and darkness”. This is based on the jaguar’s hunting habits being at night or at dusk and dawn. The jaguar is seen as a nocturnal creature and linked with the night, the underworld and the night sun.

The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs all worshiped the jaguar. It was seen as the lord of all animals living in another world; representing what is in another space.

The jaguar was also a symbol of life and fertility because of its sexual prowess! It is said the jaguar can participate in 40 consummated sexual acts per day.

To the Aztecs the jaguar was an icon of fertility and a totem of the Aztec warriors who wore the jaguar’s skin into battle to embolden them and to signify to the enemy that they were as fierce as the jaguar.

The jaguar was widely distributed in Mexico, South and Central America. Its range is shrinking. The species has a declining population due to hunting and urbanization. Not a way to treat such a venerated god of a wild cat.


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  • whats-your-sign.com
  • PoC – the jaguar wild cat
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