Understanding the natural social organisation within cat colonies

A subordinate cat waits while a higher ranking cat eats

With more multi-cat, full-time indoor cat arrangements, it’s important that people understand the natural social organisation of cats. And perhaps the greatest problem for a cat caregiver when looking after cats in a multi-cat home is adding a cat to the “colony”. In effect a multi-cat home is a managed colony of cats. They …

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We don’t see many feral cats with long fur

3 cats in a cat colony

Why don’t we see many feral cats with long fur? It is about functionality. The suggested answer is that long fur is unsuited in most places because it requires human attention to keep it in good condition. Without human intervention the skin can become infested and infected as it becomes matted. Another less important …

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Female feral cats avoid inbreeding in colonies

Feral cat colony feeding. The food resource is the reason for grouping.

A question was raised as to whether feral cats in colonies become inbred. They might become inbred because we know that, when given the opportunity, domestic and feral cats engage in what humans might consider to be orgies! Feral and domestic cats are very good at procreation and my colleague Elisa described it as …

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Do the feral cats of Coors Field need some help?

Feral cat runs onto Coors Field mid-match. Cute looking cat by the way.

The feral cats that occasionally come onto the playing field of the baseball team Colorado Rockies, Coors Field, have called LoDo home for ages. ‘LoDo’ is short for the city of Denver’s ‘Lower Downtown’ district which encompasses Coors Field. The address for the baseball stadium is 2001 Blake Street. These feral cats have become …

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