Understanding the natural social organisation within cat colonies

A subordinate cat waits while a higher ranking cat eats

With more multi-cat, full-time indoor cat arrangements, it’s important that people understand the natural social organisation of cats. And perhaps the greatest problem for a cat caregiver when looking after cats in a multi-cat home is adding a cat to the “colony”. In effect a multi-cat home is a managed colony of cats. They …

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Feral cats in TNR colonies are no greater risk to human beings than pet cats

TNR program Austin Texas

An interesting study dated 2003 titled: Prevalence of infectious diseases in feral cats in Northern Florida concluded that feral cats in TNR colonies are no more of a risk in terms of spreading disease to people or cats tban domestic cats. The basis for that statement is that feral cats cared for by volunteers …

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Female feral cats avoid inbreeding in colonies

Feral cat colony feeding. The food resource is the reason for grouping.

A question was raised as to whether feral cats in colonies become inbred. They might become inbred because we know that, when given the opportunity, domestic and feral cats engage in what humans might consider to be orgies! Feral and domestic cats are very good at procreation and my colleague Elisa described it as …

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Are cats altruistic?

Kittens and queen

I discuss community cats and lions. Let’s define altruism first. It is an act of selflessness when concerned about the welfare and well-being of others. In other words for cats it is giving to another in terms of actions without demanding anything back. It is unconditional. I don’t think domestic cats can be purely …

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Feral cat colony behaviour

This article is about understanding feral cat behaviour in colonies. Perhaps the first important point to note about feral cat colony behaviour is that historically the popular press still tends to describe the domestic and feral cat as an asocial, solitary species with no need for companionship and a preference for living alone. This …

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Discussion on kittens for those who are involved with trap-neuter-return

This is a discussion on kittens for those who are involved with trap-neuter-return (TNR). The idea for this article came about when a person commented last week in a Facebook TNR group that all kittens should be returned to their colony after being trapped and spayed/neutered. While some believe this is the correct way …

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Facebook post going viral as Urbanna Cat Project clashes with mayor over feral cat colony

Urbana lead photo

This is one of those occasions where feral cat caregivers in particular (and cat lovers in general) need to join forces to save a feral cat colony in Virginia. Located in Urbanna are a group of 28 feral cats. At some point, vultures have descended upon the town and the cats are being blamed. …

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