Russian Railways now prohibit attendants from chucking pets off trains

Twix chucked of Russian train by attendant into -30 Celsius and snow

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very recent development which has come about because a ginger tabby-and-white domestic cat, Twix, was thrown off a Russian train in freezing conditions with deep snow on the ground because the cat had escaped his carrier while the owner was asleep and the attendant mistook the domestic cat …

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Maine Coon cat became depressed after the pandemic

Maine Coon depression due to isolation resolved by adopting another Maine Coon cat. But whilst the problem entirely resolved? Domestic cats need the companionship of their human caregiver as well.

There is a story online today about a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat who became depressed when the Covid-19 lockdowns ended. The cat’s name is Mango. He’s male because nearly all ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the coat is sex-linked. He lives in Romania. His owner is Mady Mondan and partner. She …

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Tender, beautiful and sad picture of a domestic cat sleeping with their Ukrainian warrior companion

Ginger tabby stray cat befriends Ukraine soldier in the front-line trenches

A ginger tabby-and-white cat befriends a Ukraine soldier on the front line of the war in the trenches. It hurts to see it. Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter says: Instead of a thousand words; guarding our warrior’s sleep. I find the photograph both tender and poignant. It shouldn’t be like this: a cat surviving with …

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About Geert Wilders’ 2 cats Noortje and Pluisje not forgetting Snoetje

Pluisje a cat owned by Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders has just won a shock, monster election victory (monsterzege) for his Freedom Party in the Dutch elections and is all over the international news, which has promoted me to look into his two cats who have a Twitter X account with 23.2k followers at the date of this post. Wilders is labelled …

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What kind of cat is Puss in Boots?

Puss in Boots

Conclusion: the latest incarnation of Puss in Boots is a male orange tabby-and-white random bred cat (moggy). The question in the title is wide open to interpretation as there are very many Puss in Boots characters. Old and recent history is littered with them. The original Puss in Boots appears to have been a …

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Feline ‘freckles’ (9 facts)

Feline freckles on a ginger tabby which upsets the owner

Here are 9 facts about feline ‘freckles’ aka lentigo. Lentigo can infrequently cause alarm in cat owners. One asked on social media: “What is this all over my cat’s nose and mouth? And are there any possible treatments?”. They were referring to their ginger cat above. The words come from a user, and …

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Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped snuggle

Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace

You know that most (75%) ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the genes that dictate the ginger coat is sex-linked. Therefore, this is a very woke little video in which you can only tell it is a video when one of them moves his ear 😊. In human terms this is a couple …

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