Woman who adopted 11-year-old cat returns to shelter to adopt his 16-year-old friend

Woman returns to adopt 16-year-old Max (1)

This is the happy ending story of two bonded cats who ended up at a Maryland animal shelter, where one was adopted and the other left behind. Thanks to a kind-hearted woman whose conscience prevailed, the best buddies are reunited … please continue reading

Loving Friendship Between Shelter Cats in Cage

Loving cats best buddies in cage in shelter

This is very touching. It is sad, tender and beautiful all in one. The sad bit was created by humans – they are unwanted and caged. The beautiful bit was created by cats – the tender, loving relationship between them. … please continue reading

The Seemingly Irrational Social Behaviour of the Domestic Cat

Dr. Michael J Fox, a well known veterinarian and anti-declaw advocate, adopted two cats with the assistance of his wife, Deanna Krantz. One, who they named Twain was “truly feral”. The other, Pinto, was a lost stray. He adopted Twain … please continue reading

Cats and people like a soothing sense of community

Fundamentally cats and people like the same things. Here’s a little snippet of information which tells us that we are like cats in many ways. We know that cats rub themselves against us and objects in our home to deposit … please continue reading