What is solar dermatitis in cats?

White cat with amputated ears

In cats, solar dermatitis is a recurrent skin disease caused by exposure to sunlight leading to sunburn. It is most often seen in white cats or cats with white noses and white ears. It is a recurrent inflammation which may ultimately predispose the cat to squamous cell carcinoma in those areas. My reference work …

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Cat pawing at ear. Causes.

It’s obvious that if a cat is pawing at her ear or ears it is because the ear flap (pinnae) or ear canal is irritating or hurting her. The question is what is the cause of that irritation or hurt? Here are some possibilities. If you decide there’s something genuinely wrong don’t hesitate to …

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Pictures of a recently adopted chonky, beat up street cat

Picture of an adopted chonky street cat

Like a lot of people, I love to see pictures of beat up street cats, with an expression which tells us they are mentally bruised, at last enjoying the emotional and physical warmth of a new, forever home after being adopted by kindhearted people. There’s nothing better. They need love in their lives and …

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Picture of dilute tortoiseshell cat with fierce human expression and broken ears

Dilute tortoiseshell cat with wild face and broken ears

This is a photograph of a cat which caught my eye. When a cat picture catches my eye I like to publish it on my website. I have no information about her. She looks female which figures because she’s a dilute tortoiseshell. Startling & Startled Appearance What caught my eye is her eyes which …

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