Kotor Kitties is a brilliant non-profit spaying and neutering cats in Montenegro


This is an article about Kotor Kitties. They have a nice website which tells you how they started. How they grew into an international organisation. The start is always interesting and vitally important. What motivated April Lynn King, a volunteer, board member and a co-founder of Kotor Kitties? She lives in Seattle which, I …

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Investor in cat DNA testing start-up business made about $2.4 million when it was sold

Kevin O'Leary in 2012

NEWS and COMMENT: There is clearly a lot of money in DNA testing of cats. Kevin O’Leary had a hunch that his investment into a start-up company at the time called ‘Basepaws’ would make him a lot of money. O’Leary was taking part in an American reality TV programme called ‘Shark Tank’. It’s a …

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White Coat Waste Project effectively lobbies the American government to stop cruel animal testing funded by unwitting taxpayers

White Coat Waste Project's aim: Stop taxpayer funded animal testing in the USA

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) is a non-profit organisation of around 20+ staffers making dramatic inroads into the immoral and unjustifiable funding of cruel and wasteful experiments on dogs and other animals at home and overseas by inter alia the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American’s single largest fund of animal testing. WCW is …

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Rescuing the cats and dogs of New York City left behind by Covid-19 victims

Pet rescue NYC during the Covid-19 crisis

It is nice to see the media discussing not only the human victims of Covid-19 in New York City but their cats and dogs as well. A brilliant network incorporating coordinated teamwork has achieved great success in caring for cats and dogs left behind either by deceased owners or those confined to hospitals because …

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