Does PETA kill thousands of animals annually and if so, why?

PETA's killing room

I support both PETA and Nathan Winograd. But these two entities are at each other’s throats. Winograd hates PETA. He says that they kill too many animals. He almost implies that they glorify the killing of animals and delight in the process. He has referred to PETA’s kill room which is tucked away between …

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Humane Society to try oral contraceptives on feral cats on Galveston Island

Cat stalking bird Galveston

The Galveston County Daily News reports that the Galveston Island Humane Society is thinking about trying an oral contraceptive on feral cats on the island in conjunction with standard TNR programs. Jim Stevenson – world’s most notorious cat website troll It’s very interesting to note that on this island lives the most famous cat …

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What it is really like to have to euthanize shelter animals

Shelter worker Shannon

A cattery coordinator, Shannon Phillips (see above – the photo is by her), tells us what it is like for her to euthanize and make decisions about euthanizing cats and dogs on a daily basis. She admits that she has euthanized hundreds of cats and dogs. Having read her article I have the feeling …

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Cat Stuck in Peanut Butter Jar Euthanised But Not before Birthing Kittens

Skippy - cat with head stuck in jar

“Poor baby. Wish she could have been saved!” – Roman Katz (on YouTube) I find that this is a sad story and I’m unsure that this mother cat should have been euthanised but what do I know? I don’t know the complete, hard facts so perhaps I am wrong. The female cat who has …

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Chicago Is Selling Feral Cats for up to $600 to Combat Chicago’s Rat Problem

Feral cats protect brewery from rats

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; feral cats can be useful. There is a place in communities for feral cats. We just need to see it. This story emphasises it. It tells us that feral cats can be working cats. It tells us that people who hate feral cats are …

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Worcester County Animal Control Kill Cats As a First Measure

In Worcester County, USA, there are too many stray cats. That’s what they say. The sheriff says that domestic animals must be under the control of the owner and all times. If they allow their pets to wonder they will be fined. However, he does say that if stray cats are picked up by …

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Telling the difference between feral and domestic cats in a trap

Aberdeen in South Dakota, USA have an animal shelter. A resident in Aberdeen enquired about their procedures on trapping cats. Her enquiry was prompted by concerns over welfare. The lady, Talese Aucoin, had seen a photograph of a cat in a wild animal cage at the Aberdeen Animal Shelter. She was reassured that this …

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