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How many calories do cats need?

How many calories does a cat need?

Although I set out below, in a spreadsheet, the answer to the question, “how many calories does a cat need?”, there are stages in the life of a cat when she/he has increased or...

Botched spaying

Do spayed and neutered cats put on weight?

The answer is that spayed and neutered domestic cats ‘tended to be heavier than those that weren’t’. So, the answer is, yes, spayed and neutered cats do put on weight but the experts can’t...

How many calories does an elderly cat need?

How many calories does an elderly cat need? Answer: in general (and there will be variations for various reasons) an older cat who is of average weight and size needs about 20 calories per...

Thomas a 26-year-old rescue cat

What To Feed A Senior Cat

Reduced calorie intake and a high quality, protein rich diet is the general guide for senior cats. This is about feeding geriatric cats. It’s an important topic because it can prevent obesity. Feline obesity...

How many treats to give a cat a day?

How many treats to give a cat a day?

We all like to give our cat a treat. We know that we should not overdo it. Treats should never exceed 20% of a cat’s total daily food. I believe that that is a good guideline. I have more or less answered the question. So what is the required total daily food intake for a domestic cat?

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