A shelter cat should be allowed to choose their caregiver

Shelter cats

They say that if you are at an animal shelter looking to adopt a cat, you should let the cat choose you. The same applies to dogs. It sounds like a nice idea. It’s almost sentimental and a bit cute but is it practical? I think it is but it depends on how you …

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Cat’s expressive eyes and mobile ears

Cat with 2 individual whiskers that curl up and touch both her eyes

The body language of a cat’s eyes and ears are worth a quick discussion and I am reliant on personal experience and that of the vet Dr Bruce Fogle in his book Complete Cat Care. Eyes As is typical of other animals, dilated pupils indicate excitement or enervation because the cat is fearful or …

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Infographic on “Why might a cat roll over on their back when they see you?”

This is a feral cat who presents his belly for a rub.

Your cat might roll over on their back, belly up when they see you but I am not sure that it is very commonplace. It happens but less often than the classic cat greeting which is to come up to you and rub their flank against your leg and hop up to head butt …

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You want to adopt a cat which is less likely to hunt than normal

You want to adopt a cat that is less likely to hunt and kill

In general, cat owners don’t like the fact that their domestic cat companions hunt. Clearly, I’m referring to cats allowed outside. A lot of cat owners also want their cats to go outside so that they are mentally stimulated and can express their natural desires. But they don’t like the fact that they kill …

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Are male cats more affectionate with humans and other cats than females?

Cats profoundly affectionate towards each other

The first point to make is that we are discussing neutered male cats and spayed female cats. That has to be a basic criteria in this discussion. There’s no point comparing unsterilised male cats against spayed female cats for instance. It is just not a comparison that makes sense. I can answer the second …

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Help needed: got two new boy cats yesterday, very scared babies hiding all the time

Newly adopted scared cats

You adopt a couple of rescue cats. And if they are siblings and if they get along well, you’ve done well. They can entertain themselves which takes a certain amount of responsibility away from you to entertain them. You walk into your home and release them from their carrier and they immediately go behind …

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Cats like boxes because they are reassuring

Why cats like boxes

In general, domestic cats love boxes. All domestic cats have the potential to love them. And if they don’t love boxes, they like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces for a snooze such as a flowerpot. The celebrity cat Maru is the world’s leader of box-loving cats. This desire is so strong that cats …

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What is a wallflower cat?

Timid cat

Jackson Galaxy uses the phrase “wallflower cat” in his book Total Cat Mojo. He also uses the phrase “the raw cat” a lot as it is fundamental to his ideas. The two are linked. When you tap into a domestic cat’s mojo, they are more content and more confident. They behave more naturally because …

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