Meet Boo: Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon celebrates 100,000th cat helped

feral cat

On July 19, an Oregon-based organization recently celebrated the 100,000 cat they’ve helped with their spay/neuter program. The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, based in Portland, uses a system they call the ‘feral cat equation,” which is an estimation of how many feral and stray cat’s their program has prevented (think of how quickly …

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Hybrid cat testing research facility and cat shelter

A University built an enriched environment for cats in a contraceptive vaccine research study. This is a novel and welcome approach to using cats in research programs. We are used to seeing cats in cold, sterile environments and killed at the end of the research e.g. USDA research on toxoplasmosis over many years. The …

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Should People Be Forced To Spay And Neuter Their Pets?

A city in Georgia, USA, is two weeks away from voting on a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance (law). Some residents would welcome the ordinance being passed, yet others feel it’s an invasion of privacy and their civil liberties. Whether or not laws need to be introduced to make pet owners more responsible is a contentious …

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Does the city of Waco have the answer to pet overpopulation?

Does the City of Waco have the answer to pet overpopulation? Read on, and then decide for yourself. Waco, Texas city government have enacted new ordinances concerning dog and cat ownership that just may be the answer to curbing pet overpopulation. Here’s the information, which sounds like an excellent method to make the dog …

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100% spay and neuter will cause problems

If 100% of the domestic cats in North America were spayed and neutered at all times, within a generation there would be no domestic cats on the continent. They’d only be feral and stray cats. I think that is an interesting thought (note: in practice there would be pedigree cats left as breeders are …

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Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

Zonked female cat at spay and neuter clinic – Photo by Average Jane (Flickr) Low cost spay and neuter clinics provide a wonderful service because a lot of people who keep cats will resist spending money on veterinarian bills in these difficult times (2011). That said it is actually very cost effective to spay …

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