Insight into how male domestic cats FEEL and behave after prepubertal neutering in reference to men who underwent the same operation

Castrated male cats feel and behave like castrated men. That's my thought.

We are so used to male cats being neutered i.e. castrated, which entails the removal of the cat’s testes, that we hardly think about it. Typically male cat castration takes place before puberty. It is called prepubertal neutering or a prepubertal gonadectomy. You won’t find any literature or very little information about how male …

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Kotor Kitties is a brilliant non-profit spaying and neutering cats in Montenegro


This is an article about Kotor Kitties. They have a nice website which tells you how they started. How they grew into an international organisation. The start is always interesting and vitally important. What motivated April Lynn King, a volunteer, board member and a co-founder of Kotor Kitties? She lives in Seattle which, I …

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What happens if you neuter a cat too early?

Spaying and neutering cats

In this article I am interpreting the word “neuter” to apply to the sterilisation of male domestic cats (orchidectomy). That is how the word should be used because when you sterilise a female cat the word that describes the operation is “spaying” or “to spay” (ovariohysterectomy). Although, the word ‘neuter’ can apply to both …

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Castration of male domestic cats increases hair length from short to medium

Does neutering male cats make then less strong?

In a study by A.G. Searle, University College, London, entitled Gene frequencies in London’s cats, which was carried out in the summer of 1947, it was concluded that “There is a significant tendency for male castration to increase hair length from short to medium… It is well established that castration inhibits baldness in Man.”

Castration cause hair to grow
Castration cause hair to grow. Extract from the report mentioned.

My research does confirm that castration of a man will stop the balding process. You can’t reverse baldness with castration but you can stop it getting worse. Mr Searle uses that information, which appears to be accepted by the experts, to support the notion that castration of male domestic cats leads to an increase in hair length from short to medium.

My research on the Internet produced nothing which supports that assessment. That does not mean that it is incorrect. It just means that it has not been discussed and/or any discussions have not been reported on the Internet.

Male cat neutering
Male cat neutering. Photo: O’Dwyer and Jones vets.

It is a very interesting thought nonetheless. This is partly because a very high percentage of male domestic cats are castrated i.e. sterilised or neutered to use another word. And nobody has ever told me that it might increase the hair length of a cat. And I would be confident in saying that a veterinarian has hardly ever if ever told their customer that their shorthaired cat is going to have medium length hair after the neutering operation 😉. And nobody has reported that effect on my website. And indeed, my cat’s hair length did not change after he was neutered. Or that, at least, is my impression.

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Do spayed and neutered cats put on weight?

Botched spaying

The answer is that spayed and neutered domestic cats ‘tended to be heavier than those that weren’t’. So, the answer is, yes, spayed and neutered cats do put on weight but the experts can’t fully explain why as at 2021 based in my research. Although Dr Bruce Fogle very clearly states in this book …

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How male cat neutering affects their appearance

The effect of neutering male cats on their appearance

Am I the only person who is concerned about the effect that neutering has on a male domestic cat’s appearance? There is almost nothing, perhaps there is absolutely nothing, on the Internet or in the books that I have on whether people are concerned about the effect of neutering on the appearance of male …

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An extended family of ginger cats sleeping together

Extended family of ginger tabby cats sleep on top of each other

This is an interesting mini-video. It shows what must be an extended family of ginger tabby cats sleeping together and on top of each other. It is a tapestry of cats. It looks like the parents were not sterilised and over time they have created an extended family with their offspring also unsterilised and …

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Are you confused about the optimal age to neuter your cat?

Cat at a veterinary clinic

In this article “neutering” means sterilising either a male or female cat. I don’t know about you but after researching whether early neutering is safe and preferable I have come away slightly confused. I’m trying to find out the optimal age for neutering domestic cats and whether there are potential problems with early neutering. …

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