Hairdresser spent £14,000 bringing two feral cats in Turkey to the UK

Kelly with Delilah and Harriet

NEWS AND COMMENT: Depending upon your point of view, Kelly Walker, is either an angel or she is stupid. For me she is an angel. She loves animals and followed her heart. She saved £14,000 for a deposit for a home for herself and she spent it according to the Mirror newspaper to ship …

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Pictures of Imam Mustafa Efe conjure up visions of how the Prophet Muhammad interacted with cats

Imam Mustafa Efe with a kitten inside his mosque: Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque, Istanbul

These are brilliant photographs of Imam Mustafa Efe interacting with the community cats which he allows into his mosque; the Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque in Istanbul’s historical Uskudar district. He is quite clear about it; the mosque should be a home for stray cats if they need it. Imam Mustafa Efe clearly loves animals. …

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Community cat carries kitten into A&E to be treated by doctors

Cat brings sick kitten to hospital for treatment

NEWS/OPINION-TURKEY: The story is that a street cat, a calico cat in fact, carried her sick kitten into an Istanbul hospital for treatment. It was a demonstration of incredible motherly instincts, on the face of it. The cat dropped her kitten in front of medics in one of the treatment rooms, we are told. …

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Turkish butcher becomes tourist attraction as he feeds cats and dogs

Ikram Korkmazer's butcher's shop

Turgutlu, Turkey – news/opinion article: Ikram Korkmazer’s butcher’s shop has become a tourist attraction after three years of feeding stray cats and dogs and recording it all on video and publishing it on social media, specifically his Instagram page. I guess this has brought in more business. It is an example of positive karma. …

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Community Cat Attacks Passing Men But Not Women. Why?

Cat attacks men and not women

A Turkish community cat attacks men but not women. The video clearly shows this. People are scratching their heads as to why this happens. The cat is outside a market in Istanbul, the country’s largest city. The cat’s antics have been picked up by security cameras. You can see that when a man passes …

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Woman on Turkish holiday blames stray cats for her salmonella poisoning

PALOMA Foresta Resort stray cats

The Mail Online newspaper reports that a British woman, Tracy Marlor on holiday in Turkey, became very ill and, by implication, she blames sick cats who would eat from the tables. She described the hotel, the Paloma Foresta Resort and Spa, as a “five-star cattery”. The hotel has received very good reviews, incidentally. The …

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Shop assistant jailed for provoking community cat to attack customer

Ahmet and the cat

This story comes from Turkey. It is extraordinary, it has to be said. A shop assistant at an electronics store, a mild mannered man in appearance whose name is Ahmet Dilaver, was jailed for allegedly provoking a community cat to attack a female customer. I use the word “allegedly” because even though he was …

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