Cat foods that help gain weight? This begs questions.

Skinny cat

Sometimes people search the Internet for cat foods which might help their cat gain weight. This is entirely understandable but it is fraught with dangers because in conducting this research it’s clear that their cats are underweight. If a domestic cat is underweight, there are numerous reasons. Being underweight is a very common sign …

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Main cause of domestic cat death at Brazilian animal Hospital was digestive system diseases

This post is over 2 pages…An interesting study published in 2018, which has come to my noticed today, states that the main cause of death of domestic cats taken to a veterinary hospital in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was digestive system diseases (13.71%) and within this category the most common illness was …

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Spanish cat rescue did all they could to save a desperately thin cat


This is a sweet and sad cat rescue story from Spain. I am very impressed with this rescue organisation. The non-profit cat rescue based in the south of Spain, Happy Pets Rescue, rescued this emaciated female cat from the streets on June 28th 2018. The video and photos are a bit distressing. Happy Pets …

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Underweight Cats

Marley weighed only 4 lbs. at rescue Furby gets B-Complex Cocoa then and now Misty loves Nutra-stat A cat lover tending to underweight cats has a very delicate job ahead of them. I won’t go into what causes a cat to be malnourished or underweight (Michael did a page on that: cat losing weight). …

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