Psychic cat sold to psychic human for £67,000 to boost business

A clairvoyant, medium, psychic, call her what you like has decided to buy a psychic, plump, grey tabby cat in Russia owned by Dmitry. Dmitry inherited the cat who is named Charles Utkins. Interesting name for a Russian cat living in Russia.

Dmitry says that his cat can read minds, escape from locked rooms and plant throughts in the owner’s head.

Utkins a psychic cat
Utkins a psychic cat

Dmitry says that Charles Utkins made him crave sausages and fish even though he hates them. The urge was so strong he’d get up in the early hours of the morning to try and buy them.

“….he inspires thoughts. And these thoughts will be fulfilled, they are impossible to resist. He made me go shopping and buy what he needed.”

Dmitry now believes in supernatural thoughts. Charles Utkins’ presence put a strain on Dmitry’s marriage as his wife felt uneasy around the cat because she believed he read her mind.

A clairvoyant, living 2,000 miles away, who can’t be named at this stage and who is blonde, fairly young and rich heard about the cat and offered to buy him for an astronomical £67,000 ($84,000 USD approx.)

Dmitry said:

“She deals with extrasensory phenomenon…She can see in some beings the object of her interest – and earnings. More than once she stipulated that the cat will pay off. She has a website, and some good respectable clients.”

Well she is well off and believes that the cat as a profitable business asset. Good luck to her. The only question mark I have about this story is: is it fake news?!

It certainly has the ring of fake news; it is so extraordinary. The price is higher than the world’s most expensive domestic cat (a California Spangled Cat sold in 1987). The clairvoyant is considered to be a “well groomed blonde witch!”. People do believe in extraordinary things.

Source: The Sun from the Siberian Times.

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Toxic: Euthanasia drug pentobarbital in pet food

The story of the death of one dog and the serious illness of three others after they ate dog food containing a large quantity of a pentobarbital, an animal euthanasia drug, should be of great concern to pet owners. The Humane Society of the United States considers an injection of sodium pentobarbital to be the only humane way to kill shelter animals.

It is shocking news because it once again throws up a lot of doubt and uncertainty about the quality of pet food. It also confirms what many of us have feared, namely that euthanised shelter animals are discreetly shipped to pet food manufacturers for rendering as an ingredient of pet food.

Pentobarbital in pet food
Pentobarbital in pet food

When I read the story on the truth about pet food website my immediate concern was: how many pet foods contained this euthanasia drug; perhaps none? Perhaps this was a one off event. Do pet food manufacturers incorporate a system which eliminates the drug from dead animals? I suspect the rendering process normally does that. So what happened in this instance?

I’ll outline the story. Three pug dogs quickly became ill on New Years Eve 2016. They had eaten Evangers Pet Food. They were taken to a vet in a limp state. Three recovered, one died. The dead dog’s body was sent to Oregon State Uni for necropsy (autopsy).

The manufacturer suspended sale of the product (Lot Number is 1816E06HB13). The product was tested and found to be all clear to a range of toxins.

However a report back from Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health (DCPAH) found the presence of a large amount of pentobarbital. They said:

“If this sample came directly from a can, this is an urgent matter and needs to be reported to the FDA…”

[note: I am not sure how Michigan State University became involved]

The FDA is investigating but they are slow as usual.

“The FDA has received and is investigating adverse event reports related to this issue and cannot share anything further at this time.”

What do you think? I guess we have to wait for more information. Were gas chambers used in the past because they avoided leaving toxic drugs in shelter animal corpses? I am being provocative but the thought came to my mind.

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Graphic Video: Man killed by tiger bite to head and neck trying to avoid zoo entrance charge


This was a New Year family outing to a zoo that went horribly wrong and the reason was a bizarre decision by the head of the family, Mr Zhang, to try and avoid the zoo’s entrance fee by climbing over two ten-foot-high walls which landed him in the tiger enclose where he was faced with four tigers one of which bit his head and neck in a typical prey attack bite. He was pronounced dead in hospital later. I suspect that he was dead before then.

As is commonplace, the video no longer works. This is what happens when you embed a video from YouTube and websites. Not infrequently the video is deleted on YouTube which stops it working on the website. I’m sorry you can’t watch the video. But I have no control over it. The reason why it has been deleted on YouTube, in this instance, is because it violated YouTube policies.


What is particularly strange is that he paid the entrance fee for his family. Ticket prices are £15 for adults and £8 for children at the  Ningho Youngor Zoo in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. These charges seem high when compared to the average salary in China.

He actually scaled the two fences with a friend but the friend did not jump down into the tiger enclosure. Mr Zhang ignored warning signs before clambering over the inner wall which I presume is the tiger enclosure wall.

The picture below from the video is on a separate page where there are no adverts. This is to satisfy demands of advertisers who don’t like their adverts being linked to slightly difficult images. I apologise for that to but needs must.

Zoo tiger attack. Mr Zhang still alive.

One tiger clamped down on Mr Zhang’s neck and head as he kicked away another. Zoo staff scared away three of the tigers by throwing firecrackers and using water cannon but the first tiger would not release him from its bite and dragged him deeper into enclosure. This tiger was shot dead by police. Very sad. And of course, sadness for Mr Zhang and his family.

Visitors to the zoo and his family had watched the whole thing. Some videoed it. There were screams and the video is very hard, if not impossible, to watch. Most commentators sympathised more with the shot tiger than Mr Zhang.

Note: I have not watched the video fully, just the first seconds. Therefore, I am unable to compare the video with the description on this page. The source is The Times newspaper.

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Symphony: Even her vet had given up hope-then Foster Paws Rescue and an adoption angel stepped up to save her

This is the happy ending story of a cat most of the world had given up on. Considered unadoptable by many and possibly a lost cause by the vet who treated her, Symphony is truly a miracle kitty who found love in a rescue willing to take her under their wing until the perfect home could be found.

Rescue cat
Symphony with her adoption angel Brooke (photo courtesy of FPR)

In late September, Symphony was surrendered to Foster Paws Rescue (FPR), a Greenville, South Carolina-based 501c3 non-profit organization known for their compassion and perseverance. The other kitties in the house caused Symphony to act aggressively out of protection and she was striking out and biting at her owners. The family was moving and couldn’t take her. Foster Paws learned this distressed kitty lived with four other kitties, but she’d been with the family the longest. She lost trust in the world to the point a veterinarian recommended putting her down if Prozac didn’t work.

It’s unusual for FPR to take an owner-surrendered kitty straight into their rescue. It wasn’t a unanimous decision to accept Symphony into the rescue, but after hearing her story, most of their members knew she needed help. If surrendered to a shelter, she would have no chance. FPR agreed to meet and assess her. After meeting her they knew all her interactions with her family had been high stress for a while. The family had tried but didn’t know what else to do. FPR took her in on the spot. A couple of their volunteers saw right away, she wasn’t a typical aggressive kitty. She was scared for her life.

Once Symphony was in the hands of FPR, the rescue showered her with love and showed her that her life mattered. Symphony wouldn’t eat her pill pocket at times, and it was noticed she was better off without it. She was eventually weaned off her medication, and some of the center volunteers were able to make headway with her. Symphony would begin to trust, then lose it again, and some even gave up hope she would ever be adopted.

People would express interest in Symphony, but after hearing her situation they quickly moved on to another kitty. No one wanted to give her a chance. One day the folks at FPR all said to each other sadly “I just don’t know if there’s someone out there that’s a perfect match for both sides.” Less than a week later an Angel emerged in the form of a young gal named Brooke.

Rescue cat Symphony in her new home
Symphony in her new home

Brooke had been searching for just the right kitty and came upon Symphony in their Taylor’s adoption center. She was not deterred by her story.  In fact, it made Symphony that much more special. Brooke and her family spent a good long time visiting. The volunteer counselor saw Symphony wrap around Brooke’s legs. Symphony allowed petting, and in the ultimate kitty trust move, rolled on her back for a belly rub. Brooke’s family was given an adoption application. They promised to fill it out and return the next day. Brooke did, in fact, return the next day, very excited to take Symphony home.

In her new home, Symphony has shown a personality no one thought possible. She’s curious, and not even a little bit afraid. She’s showing no signs of aggression and is even eating well and kneading her new blanket. This shows how much the volunteers put into their work with FPR. They couldn’t do it without any of them.

Brooke sent FPR this photo

It’s been a few months since Symphony and Brooke began that journey that will last a lifetime. Each update Brooke gives brings more tears of joy. It didn’t take long for Symphony to show she was willing to trust Brooke and Brooke continuously showed her the love she needed to fully trust Brooke.

A month or so ago FPR received a sleepy time picture. This week they got an update that Symphony has gotten a bit sassy but in a good way. She sits with Brooke at her vanity while she gets ready in the morning. Along with the photo was a quote from Brooke “She is the sweetest thing.”

Rescue cat
Symphony supervises Brooke at her vanity table

This is a kitty very few were willing to take in and give a chance. A kitty that a vet was willing to put down. FPR gave her a chance. Her previous owners were very honest with them. It broke their heart that Symphony never fit in because all of their kitties were rescues. They didn’t want to give her up. But knew she needed to be in a different environment.

As far as FPR is concerned they did all the right things. Literally fighting for her to have a life. Now that Symphony is in the right home her true personality is shining through. The love she has to give. The trust Brooke has earned from her. This. This right here is what taking a cat and finding that forever home is all about. The kitties who have cards stacked against them more than others. And finding them their perfect match.

FPR gets updates about the cats they save. They have a lot of success stories on their Facebook page and their success enables them to save more cats. Each adoption update will always induce tears of joy and pride. Thank you, Brooke, for being her angel. And thank you, Foster Paws Rescue, for not giving up on Symphony.


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Live ‘cat grass’ – Avena sativa – cats like to chew on the seedlings

One thing a cat owner can do to brighten up the life of an indoor cat is to provide him with a pot of live cat grass.

A lot of cats like to chew on oat seedlings, Avena sativa, which is called ‘cat grass’.

Oat sprouts
Oat sprouts. Cats like to chew them.

There is a lot of discussion on why cats like to eat grass. The best answer I have is that it contains folic acid which is good for red blood cell development and DNA synthesis. The only other good suggestion is that grass makes cats vomit to remove hairballs.

As I understand it oats are one of many types of grass (a plant). They are grain crops such as barley and maize. The flowers of oats are green. The seeds are rolled to create oats which are used in porridge.

Can you add to this page? If so please comment. Thanks.

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Spot the Cat

Here are two photographs in which there is a cat. Can you spot the cat?

Spot the cat
Spot the cat
Spot the cat
Spot the cat

Cats are difficult to see sometimes. We all know that. These photos reinforce our belief that they are good at hiding and slinking through doorways and so on.

Did you spot the cat? If so, please describe the position in a comment.

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Sausage cat is in the news

The sausage cat is in the news. Paris Hilton has one and she keeps up with the trends. Paris Hilton often posts pictures of her cat, Shorty, on her Instagram account which has 6.5 million followers. I know she bought one in around 2007.

Sausage cats are dwarf cats. And the most common dwarf cat is the Munchkin. This is the foundation dwarf cat from which all the others were created. And there are quite a few dwarf cat breeds including a hairless variety called the Bambino. You can guess where that name comes from – the soft skin without hair has hints of the skin of a baby and bambino is Italian for child or baby. There are or were 15 dwarf cat breeds in all.

Cute Munchkin
Cute Munchkin

Dwarf cats have been around for a long time but have hit the news again recently because celebrities have taken a fancy to them as accessories. From the point of view of a cat lover this is not good because it somewhat reduces a sentient being to an object.

Also, it has to be said that celebs like small animals as they can be carried under the arm or in the handbag. However, dwarf cats are standard size cats. It’s just the legs which are shortened. I hope they realise that.

There is criticism in the press today about the trend for adopting sausage cats. Vets in the UK have spoken out against their growing popularity. The dwarf cat breeders will be pleased as they have had a tough time marketing their cats. This is due to associated health issues and the stance taken by cat associations who in general have refused to recognise them. TICA accepts the breed.

Sweet ginger tabby Munchkin kitten
Sweet ginger tabby Munchkin kitten

The sausage cat suffers from a genetic mutation causing dwarfism. This dwarfism looks cute on a cat. It does not look cute on humans. One UK vet, Andrew Prentis of Hyde Park, London, says that it is cruel to breed cats that can not jump or run properly. I accept his point. However, dwarf breeders and owners will testify to the fact that dwarf cats can jump very nicely. TICA’s introduction to the breed is:

“The racy, low-slung Munchkin is built for speed and agility….”

There is, though, an inbuilt human desire to reject dwarf cats because the concept spoils the natural beauty of the feline anatomy which is so elegant and athletic. Also the breeding of sausage cats, as for all other purebred cats, is for cosmetic reasons. It is all about appearance at the expense of health.

In the UK the Munchkin can be bought for £600 to £900. As is the case for most other cat associations the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), the largest cat registry in the Britain does not recognise the breed.

Athletic Munchkin!
Athletic Munchkin!

Rosemary Fisher, a director of the GCCF) said:

“Munchkins have a range of potential physical problems. Some, for example, suffer from lordosis, a condition in which spinal muscles grow too short, causing the spine to arch inwards. This may cause early death in kittens or shortness of breath during physical exertion.”

I have a full page on dwarf cat health problems in which I cover all the ground on this topic. Breeders would probably say that the online media and vets are exaggerating. There are potential health problems but there are many healthy and happy dwarf cats. This would be their argument.

The sausage cat is an American invention. The mutation was spotted in Louisiana in 1983. The cats were Munchkins.  I have a page on the history of dwarf cats focusing on the interesting names.

See Munchkin quick guide.

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Florida wants to create spectacular legislation on how to run animal shelters

Florida’s Bill HB 515, if it becomes law, will be the most spectacular legislation concerning animal shelters ever created. It is a brilliant piece of legislation which creates rules on how shelters must be run. It covers everything and at the heart of it is the welfare of animals and saving their lives from euthanasia. This legislation bends over backwards to save lives. It makes it very hard for shelters to kill their animals.

Shelter cats
Shelter cats. They are going to well and truly protected under HB515.

It is provisionally entitled the Companion Animal Protection Act. It creates rules concerning: the holding of animals, their care and treatment, the euthanasia of animals and the last lines of this proposed Act gives anyone the right to force any shelter in Florida to comply with any part of the proposed Act by taking them to court (injunction). How about that!

The No Kill Advocacy Center says this:

It is the most powerful piece of shelter reform legislation ever introduced. Short of a ban on killing, its passage would be a game changer not only in Florida, but across the nation……it brings “shelters” many of which continue to operate under a 19th century “catch and kill” mentality, into the 21st century.

Read the Bill HB 515 by clicking the following link: Florida HB515. It is in straightforward language and ten pages long.

Some shelters currently employ the rules as set out in the Bill. These shelters have 98% no-kill rates.

A shelter won’t be able to euthanise a cat or dog in their care unless and until (what follows are the words of the No Kill Advocacy Center):

  • They notify rescue groups and give them the opportunity to save the animal;
  • They notify the prior “owner” (so long as there was no indication of neglect or cruelty) and give them the opportunity to take back the animal;
  • They notify the finder and give them the opportunity to take back the animal;
  • They notify community shelters to see if they have room;
  • There are no empty cages, kennels, or other living environments in the shelter, including space to set up temporary living environments;
  • The animal cannot share a cage or kennel with another animal;
  • The shelter has made a plea to foster homes and a foster home is not available;
  • The cat is not a healthy cat who can be sterilized and then released; and,
  • They post the animal’s photo and information to the internet to facilitate redemptions and adoptions.

In addition, HB 515 establishes a holding period for both stray animals and those surrendered by their families, it gives the person surrendering the animal the ability to change their mind and reclaim the animal, it bifurcates the holding period to incentivize adoptions and rescue transfers, it allows “shelters” to transfer animals to rescue groups right away to free up cage and kennel space thus reducing costs while increasing lifesaving, it mandates prompt and necessary care and environmental enrichment, and for those who are irremediably suffering, rigorously defined, it puts in place a mechanism to end their lives in as kind and compassionate a manner as possible and one that meets the dictionary definition for “euthanasia.”

But it cannot pass without your help, as kill “shelters” and their state and national allies, are going to align themselves against it. They simply do not want to do this work when it is so much easier just to kill the animals.

If you live in Florida, now is the time to make your voice heard. Contact your state legislators and ask them to cosponsor HB 515, the Florida Companion Animal Protection Act.

Not in Florida and want to bring a similar law to your state? Check out the No Kill Advocacy Center​’s model law, on which HB 515 is based, and our free guide to getting legislation introduced.

Help us continue our pioneering and lifesaving work and to bring this law to other states. Donate to the No Kill Advocacy Center by clicking here.

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