Help needed: got two new boy cats yesterday, very scared babies hiding all the time

Newly adopted scared cats

You adopt a couple of rescue cats. And if they are siblings and if they get along well, you’ve done well. They can entertain themselves which takes a certain amount of responsibility away from you to entertain them. You walk into your home and release them from their carrier and they immediately go behind …

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Cats do not go away to die. They find a safe place when sick or injured.

Do cats go away to die?

People ask whether it is true that cats go away to die. It’s a misconception. Domestic cat do not ‘go away’ to die. They are simply finding a safe place where they hope that they will recover from the injury or illness. It’s a matter of securing safety while they try and recover. This …

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Cat cages in cat shelters don’t seem to contain places in which to hide

Cats need places to hide in shelter cages

I think that everyone involved in some way with cat rescue realises that rescue cats in cat shelters, held in relatively small cages, suffer stress to varying degrees dependent upon the individual cat and the length of confinement. Under the circumstances many cats reduce the amount of self-maintenance that they engage in. They are …

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Spot the Cat

Here are two photographs in which there is a cat. Can you spot the cat? Cats are difficult to see sometimes. We all know that. These photos reinforce our belief that they are good at hiding and slinking through doorways and so on. Did you spot the cat? If so, please describe the position …

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Black Cats are Indeed Mysterious and they often become Invisible

I recently announced our formal adoption of Edgar Allen Poe, the adorable five month-old black kitten. As I was reading the comments, I was both thrilled and delighted with all the supportive, happy feedback. In fact some folks called us “heroes” for adopting a black kitten. They sent us many blessings. However I didn’t …

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