Cat Vomiting – including types of vomiting for diagnosis

Feline vomiting a hairball?

Introduction I hope you find this page useful. It has been updated. One of the difficulties for a good cat caregiver is to know whether there cat is genuinely ill if and when they vomit. Domestic cats are good at vomiting. But sometimes it’s just a day-to-day matter; something not to concern a good …

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Do interactive (puzzle) cat feeders work?

Interactive puzzle feeder for cats

Yes, in my experience, they work very well. Cats instinctively use them without any training in my experience although it is fairly limited as I live with one cat who used it instinctively for the first time. Cats manage to get the dry cat food pellets out of the feeder without any problem in …

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Is your cat a picky eater or do they have good alternative reasons?

Why do cats sometimes reject their food?

The so-called ‘picky domestic cat’ eater is a concern to many cat owners. But they will reject food for a good reason and here are 8 possibilities. These possibilities do not reflect the behaviour of a cat who is a picky eater. These are genuine alternative reasons. So, it should not be puzzling to …

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My cat has become obsessed with food! Help please.

Cat licking their lips after eating

This is the cat behavior problem for the day: “My cat has suddenly become obsessed with food. She does not want to play much anymore. She prefers to get into food containers. She was spayed about a year ago. She is about 18 months old. She started this behavior when the weather changed. Unfortunately, …

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Can and do domestic cats eat for pleasure?

Simon's cat asking for food

Domestic cats can and do eat for pleasure like humans. That’s my conclusion. I will tackle the issue from two points of view: observing my cat and the science of overeating because of pleasure eating. I will talk about my cat first. Observing my cat Just this morning when I woke up before I …

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Does a cat break into your home and eat your cat’s food? What do you do?

Fat Max is a serial food thief

There is a story from Cornwall, UK, online this morning which reminds me of the difficulties of dealing with a neighbour’s cat who likes to come into your home and eat your cat’s food and then calmly leave as if they are attending a hotel buffet. The story on the website Cornwall Live portrays …

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